Inside flight SQ336 (Imaged from JC Grenoble / Twitter)

Singapore Airlines Flight SQ336 forced to make emergency landing at Changi Airport

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight bound for Paris had to turn back to for an emergency landing at Changi Airport barely 30 minutes after takeoff early this morning. The flight was at 24,000 feet over Malaysia when oxygen masks were deployed and the plane descended to 6,000 feet, according to reports.

Flight SQ336 experienced a loss of cabin pressure, which forced to turn back shortly after take-off.

According to reports, the passengers were initially meant to fly to Paris via Air France, but the service was cancelled due to ‘technical issues’. Passengers were then rerouted to an SIA flight instead, but that journey turned awry as well.

The SIA aircraft successfully landed at Changi Airport around 2:30am this morning. A different aircraft was then used, taking off at about 6am and is expected to land in Paris 5 hours behind schedule.

Twitter user JC Grenoble posted a series of tweet detailing the incident, complete with photos of the inside of the plane showing the oxygen masks. According to the twitter user, “there was no panic on board as every seemed normal”. They also said that the pilot took time to update the passengers on the situation.

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