scene of accident

Help!!! Calling for eye witnesses! A car collided with my motorbike headon as it drove against the traffic. I received a letter from Traffic Police saying that it is unable to “conclusively determine who is the party responsible for the accident”.

A desperate cry for help to testify as witness by Ms Tong who was unfortunately knocked down in her motorbike by a car which was travelling in the wrong lane of traffic.

On 5 January, 2015 at around 4.15 to 4.30 pm, Ms Tong was turning right in her motorbike along Ubi Avenue 3 outside Colourscan Building when a white car knocked into her bike as it went against the traffic. Ms Tong said that the car was trying to overtake other stationary cars waiting for the red light. It was said that there was a long line of cars stuck in a traffic jam on the stretch of road during the time of accident.

Ms Tong suffered injuries from the accident and had to sew 3 stitches on her leg and the bone on her knee shifted a bit so there is some fluids in the knee as a result. The injuries would probably take another 4-6 weeks to heal.

The reason why Ms Tong is calling for witnesses to testify for her case is because the traffic police has informed her that they are unable to determine the party responsible for the accident based on the evidence collected from the investigation.

letter from Traffic police
Letter from the Traffic Police

The investigator in charge of the investigation told Ms Tong that it is usual for the Traffic police to take no further actions if there is lack of evidence. And added that if the Traffic Police was to pursue the case in court , there is no substantial evidence to prove that the driver is the cause of the accident.

According to Ms Tong, even when the investigator was asked about the photo showing that the car drove against traffic. The photo was taken by a 3rd party bystander.

The investigator replied saying that the photo only shows the aftermath of the accident and maybe the car had swerved to the right to avoid her motorbike.

front damage of the car
Dent on the license plate, showing the point of impact

Ms Tong said to him that it is impossible to swerve as it is a two way traffic road.

However, the investigator insisted that both sides are saying two different accounts and since there is no close circuit television monitoring the road, he cannot decide who is right or wrong.

He said that based on his exp and investigation precedents, the evidence that she has, is not a strong evidence, and even if she was to sue the driver, she would lose the case.

combined damage to bike
Damage to Ms Tong’s bike

The driver who had knocked Ms Tong said to her that if he had not swerved from the extreme right of the correct lane he was on, he would have hit her head on.

Ms Tong explains to TOC that she needs eye witnesses for this as she plans to pursue this matter further with the Traffic Police as she does not understand why no further action is taken when the car had clearly committed a traffic offence.

“As a motorbike rider, I’m feel that I’ve been marginalised by the traffic law in Singapore based on the result of this investigation.”

Ms Tong also said that she has since been losing sleep as she remembers in slow motion how she was flung off from her bike from the head on collision with the car.

Her lawyer is now dealing with claims – bike repairs and injury.

TOC has written to the Traffic Police on Saturday and has not received a response on the matter.

Members of public who might have witnessed the accident may write in to TOC at [email protected] for us to relay the message to Ms Tong.

accident site imposed
Superimposed photo of the accident and the actual site.


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