Ariffin Sha

Ariffin Sha reads law at the Victoria University of Wellington. He speaks and writes on socio-political and legal issues in Singapore. He has been writing regularly for the The Online Citizen since 2014.

Resilience Campaign and Video aims to stop stigmatization of failure and people with disabilities

A recently released video by ‘Rebound with Resilience’ – a social campaign started by communications studies undergraduates from NTU – has generated some interest online.The 12 min long video started with students candidly sharing their thoughts on failure, to which a cast member said: “devastating…some say failure can be a wake-up call, but it’s easier said than done”. The surprise …

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CLTPA: A Permanent “Temporary” Law

by M. Ravi, International Human Rights Lawyer Can the Criminal Law Temporary Provisions Act (CLTPA) be considered “temporary” after 60 years? This law that was debated in parliament and enacted in 1955 is a misnomer by its very name itself and Singaporeans are being fooled once again. As we know, this law allows the Minister to order that suspected criminals …

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Malaysian AGC contradicts AG’s directions in the case of a Singaporean Man

On October 9 2018, the Malaysian Immigration Department detained Gilbert Louis, a Singaporean National, at his home in Johor Bahru. He was detained together with four Phillipines Nationals – three of them who allegedly had no valid visas. As of 13 November 2018, he has yet to be charged with any offence. The Immigration Department has also yet to deport …

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Tribunal: Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam’s Poem was not “a deliberate assault upon judicial integrity”

A tribunal appointed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon has ruled that a poem penned by criminal and human rights lawyer, Eugene Thuraisingam, “is more likely to have been an authorial misstep than a deliberate assault upon judicial integrity.” The tribunal, comprising of Senior Counsel Cavinder Bull and Lawyer Teo Weng Kie elected not to refer Mr Thuraisingam to the Court of …

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“President Halimah Yacob has breached due process in her handling of Prabu’s Clemency Petition” – Human Rights Lawyer

By M. Ravi I refer to the Malaysian Lawyer N. Surendran’s quote following Prabu N Pathmanathan’s execution earlier today:- “Late last night, the Singapore President’s Office delivered a letter to Prabu’s family in response to their clemency petition. The letter stated that ‘the clemency process has concluded’ and ‘we are unable to accede to your request … This rejection is …

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