Ariffin Sha

Ariffin Sha reads law at the Victoria University of Wellington. He speaks and writes on socio-political and legal issues in Singapore. He has been writing regularly for the The Online Citizen since 2014.

“Singapore does not have a Constitution” said Malaysia’s new Attorney-General, Mr Tommy Thomas in 2009

In a speech froom 2009 which focused on where Malaysia's constitutional lawyers seek inspiration and precedents from, the current Attorney-General ("AG") of Malaysia and constitutional expert, Tommy Thomas highlighted the jurisdictions of India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In listing these jurisdictions, he made reference to how their constitution and the constitutional courts have developed a robust system over …

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The Cruelty of Fate: The Case of Nagaenthran Dharmalingam

By Guo Rendi The case of Nagaenthran a/l K Dharmalingam v Public Prosecutor is, in many ways, extraordinary among all convicted drug couriers in Singapore. Nagaenthran has been on quite a long path challenging his current fate of being a death-row inmate and ultimately, death itself with the assistance of a valiant criminal and human rights lawyer – Mr Eugene …

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No Innocent Explanation? – Death Row Inmate’s Lawyers use Evidence Adduced by the Prosecution to Seek Inmate’s Second Acquittal

By Ariffin Sha In a twist of Shakespearean proportions,  Mr Eugene Thuraisingam, the lawyer for death row inmate Ilechukwu, has used evidence produced by the Prosecution to argue for his client's acquittal. The Defence counsel made the case that the results of a psychiatric assessment conducted by one Dr Jaydip Sarkar from Institute of Mental Health (IMH), which was sought …

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Former PM Goh Chok Tong contradicts the Govt on how to count reserved elections

Following Dr Tan Cheng Bock's press conference last weekend, there has been heightened public discourse on the Government's curious interpretation of the following words: "the most recent 5 consecutive terms of the Elected Presidency." These words are from the latest amendments to our ever-amenable Constitution. They can be found in Article 19B, which was introduced to Parliament on 7th November …

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Animal rights and the Law – Public forum on 5 March

Why are cats not allowed in HDB Flats? Did the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) really had no option but to cull those 'noisy' chickens? Why does the AVA euthanize hundreds of Mongrels that come through its doors every year? Why can't animal welfare groups and/or individuals bring up animal cruelty cases to court? (As the law stands, only the AVA …

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Singapore’s Mongrels: The Underdogs among Dogs

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Man's best friends have been, deservedly, showered with endless praise. From the story of Hachiko to the poem about how dog is god spelled backwards, we all know of their peerless loyalty and kinship. All too often, both dog owners and people who interact with dogs, find themselves questioning what did they do to deserve such …

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