Daily Archives: 2018-09-21

Minister Ong: Singapore needs to bring in foreign talent for high-end jobs

In an interview with Bloomberg on Wed (19 Sep), Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said Singapore needs to bring in foreign talent in areas including software programming while the country re-balances its education system to meet future demands. A key issue is whether Singapore has a critical mass of workers to make itself a vibrant economy that will attract investments …

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Five takeaways from the fake news committee recommendations

The Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods has put up 22 recommendations. Here are five quick takeaways. One: There isn’t even a definition First, the glaring omission is that there isn’t even a definition of what constitutes deliberate online falsehoods. The committee only goes so far as to say that such falsehoods “harm democracy and the genuine contestation of ideas …

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Parl Sec highlights importance of energy security while Temasek sells power assets to foreign entities

Speaking at the Energy Market Authority (EMA)’s Energy Innovation event yesterday (20 Sep), Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Trade and Industry and Foreign Affairs Dr Tan Wu Meng said that the blackout in Singapore this week has brought home the importance of energy security. “Very recently, we felt the importance of energy security and energy resilience in a very real way …

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Nas Daily’s video highlighted the polarised views of Singaporeans

Travel vlogger Nas Daily’s video declaring Singapore as a nearly perfect country has drawn lively debate from both sides of the fence. Detractors have labelled his video as one sided and questioned why the red carpet was rolled out for him. In particular, many were quick to wonder loudly online why he had the opportunity to meet our Prime Minister …

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People cannot and should not be asked to refrain from making negative comments just because there are worse things out there

There’s been a lot of talk these past few days about Israeli blogger, Nusier Yassin’s video on Singapore posted on his Facebook page, Nas Daily. Nas is well-known on the platform for his 1000-day mission to film daily 1-minute videos in various countries around the world. After posting his most recent video in which he describes Singapore as an ‘almost …

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The only party that could be hurt by Thum’s views is the PAP

It is concerning that the Select Committee (SC) on Deliberate Online Falsehoods would come down so heavily and personally on an individual with no political power. In its report, it specifically mentioned historian, Dr Thum Ping Tjin in regards to his claims regarding falsehoods in Singapore. Dr Thum had noted that more than often, the government is the perpetrator of falsehoods in Singapore, …

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