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MindChamps in controversial grassroots letter debacle, a close partner of Temasek

Last Friday (27 Jul), MindChamps Preschool issued a controversial letter to the parents of children attending at the school. It was condemned by netizens for its allegedly elitist and discriminatory content regarding the application for the grassroots leadership of the River Valley Neighbourhood Committee (RVNC). In the letter, it said that parents of children attending MindChamps Preschool “have been given …

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Early jobbers specialising in science, engineering, hospitality and F&B industries receive higher salaries than their counterparts

In 2017, the entry-level specialisations with the highest salary increase as compared to 2016 are: Science (+11%), Engineering (+9%) and Hospitality and F&B (+8%). Conversely, entry-level salaries for the Healthcare and Accounting and Finance specialisations see a drastic decrease of -20% and -10%, respectively. The data is based on the average salaries curated from full-time entry-level job advertisements posted on …

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Man sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment for passport-related offences

A 42-year-old Malaysian sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment on Thursday (1 August) for abetting four Sri Lankans to be in possession of forged Malaysia passports. In a press release, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said that investigations revealed that Jagathes Kumar Koil Pillai had assisted four Sri Lankans – 35-year-old Kalaichandran Vinothan, 37-year-old Suresh Sutharshiny, 19-year-old Kajenthiran Kajeepan, and 26-year-old Krishnapillai Navaraj to …

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Dr William Tan presented with Commonwealth Points of Light Award from Queen Elizabeth II

Singapore’s well-known para-athlete, medical doctor and charity fundraiser, Dr William Tan, was presented with the Commonwealth Points of Light Award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today for his long history of charitable achievements. The award was presented by the British High Commissioner to Singapore, His Excellency Scott Wightman, during an awards evening held at his residence, Eden Hall, on …

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LG Kuek recruited two more SAF COLs for SMRT before he left

It was reported in the media today (2 Aug) that 2 more SAF officers, both colonels, joined SMRT recently. COL (NS) Clifford Keong and COL (NS) Lee Yem Choo joined SMRT 3 months ago in May. They were recruited while Lieutenant-General (NS) Desmond Kuek was still at the helm of SMRT. LG Kuek only officially left SMRT yesterday (1 Aug) …

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