Intoxicated 26-year-old arrested in Punggol for allegedly assaulting 60-year-old taxi driver

Intoxicated 26-year-old arrested in Punggol for allegedly assaulting 60-year-old taxi driver

SINGAPORE — On Saturday (8 Jul), a 26-year-old man was arrested for allegedly punching a taxi driver and causing him to fall to the ground.

When the police arrived, the man even argued with the officers but was ultimately subdued by four police officers.

According to the Chinese media outlet Shin Min Daily News, the incident occurred in the early morning at Block 256 Sumang Walk in Punggol.

Wan Riduan, a nearby resident, uploaded a video on TikTok showing the man being restrained by officers while still attempting to struggle and escape.

The police officers had no choice but to put him on the ground to control his movement.

As the man was pinned down to the ground, he could be heard shouting, “Ah, I have a flight tomorrow. F*ck!”


Another fare Evader who hit and hurt a poor taxi uncle. Worst part was he had a flight the following day ..say bye bye holiday 👋👋

♬ original sound – Wan Riduan Bin Ramle – wan

The young man allegedly attempting evading fare

According to the description in Riduan’s post, the man allegedly tried to evade fare and harmed a taxi driver.

When replying to a netizen’s query, Riduan further explained that he observed the incident from his home’s window and mentioned that the man shouted multiple times about having a flight the next morning at 11 am.

Riduan told Shin Min Daily News that the young man appeared to have an argument over the taxi fare with the driver, and it seemed that the young man refused to pay and even punched the taxi driver.

“The taxi driver was lying on the ground, seemingly dazed, indicating that he was seriously injured,” said Riduan.

A 60-year-old male taxi driver being sent to the hospital

The Singapore Police Force confirmed that they received a distress call at 12:05 am on that day, reporting that a 60-year-old male taxi driver was conscious and being sent to the hospital.

A 26-year-old man was arrested for causing a disturbance while intoxicated in a public place, and he is also under investigation for suspected intentional harm.

The case is currently under investigation.


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