Workers’ Party to construct more infrastructure to improve the safety of residents at HDB Bedok Reservoir Road

In a Facebook post on Monday (30 March), Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh said the work to build additional infrastructure at Block 603 Bedok Reservoir Road to ensure the safety of the residents has started.

Mr Singh said in his post that the move to add more infrastructure came after a hawker centre patron who frequently visits the Block 630 hawker centre informed the WP team during the Party’s walkabout that he had witnessed many “residents trip and fall as they made their way into the hawker centre from a particular ingress point”.

Upon listening to the patron’s concern, Mr Singh said that this matter can be fixed to “reduce the prospect of accidents”.

As such, the politician noted that the work for this started on Sunday (29 March) and expressed that “things should get better”.

Additionally, he also revealed that the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) had also “installed a pair of stainless steel railings at the drop-off point at Blk 603 Reservoir Road” just a few weeks ago. This is done after a resident pointed out that some senior individuals tend to slip and potentially fall at the area when it rains due to “the gradient of the footpath leading from the drop-off porch”.

“A lot of feedback the team receives can be small and considered limited in nature by some, but as they say in our national language, sikit sikit jadi bukit (the small things add up),” Mr Singh wrote.

In the post, Mr Singh also noted that the Party’s walkabout that was held on Sunday at Aljunied GRC was done with some adjustments in order to adhere to the Government’s latest stricter measures on social distancing.

“The Government’s announcement last week of tighter social distancing measures changed the outreach/inspection modality of the Aljunied MPs when we walked around the Aljunied GRC yesterday,” Mr Singh said.

He added, “The team made some adjustments and split across the constituency. We’ve have walked like this for years and received a lot of useful feedback from residents.”

On 24 March, the Government announced tighter social distancing measures in a bid to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore.

Some of the measures mentioned include limiting the number individuals who gather outside of work and school to 10 persons or fewer, and having people maintain a distance of minimum one metre between each person in non-transient places like coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Besides this, all sporting events, exhibitions, trade fairs, as well as public entertainment at cinemas, theatres, amusement, or games centres, and other places, are banned from Friday (27 March) until 30 April.

Additionally, all events and gatherings with more than 250 attendees at a single time is also suspended.

For those organisers of events at public areas where food or drinks are sold, they must make sure that customers are one metre apart from each other, and the food and drinks are served in single portions so that it can minimise interaction between people.

They must also provide natural ventilation at the premises during the event, take all attendees’ body temperature, and get their contact details to help with contact tracing measures.

Owners or tenants of places like eateries and malls have to make sure that seats that are not permanently fixed are at least one metre apart at all times. As for seats that are fixed to the floor, alternate seats must be labelled as seats that can’t be occupied.

They have to also ensure that customers stand one metre away from each other when queuing to make payment or to use fitting rooms or toilets.

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