Customer complains of being overcharged for drinks; Kopitiam states new product not updated in system

Mr Noel Ong, a customer who had lunch at Lau Pa Sat food court, operated by Kopitiam, complained about a scam where he was overcharged by cashiers at the drink stall.

In his post, Mr Ong depicted the conversation he had with the two cashiers from Kopitiam:

Mr Ong: 3 Oolong Tea pls
1st Cashier: $7.50

Mr Ong stated that he was stunned for a while after being told the price. He wrote, “Usually I will just pay then complain to my friends later but dunno why today maybe woke up too early.”

Mr Ong: Can I have receipt?

Cashier proceeds to search through printed receipts and gave him a receipt for three cans of oolong tea but for $5.40.

Mr Ong: It says here that it’s $5.40 not $7.50

Cashier keys something else into the cash register and prints a $7.50 receipt. He took a look and noticed that the item is for sugarcane juice.

Mr Ong: This is for sugarcane juice not for what I ordered.

At this point of time, Mr Ong stated that a second cashier steps into the conversation.

Cashier: We sell it like that. It’s $2.50 a can
Mr Ong: Then give me a receipt that says you are selling it for $2.50 a can.

The 1st Cashier according to Mr Ong, started to look flustered but 2nd cashier ignored him and continues to serve the queue.

As a result of the 2nd Cashier’s behaviour. Mr Ong wrote that he raised his voice and pointed at the 2nd cashier.

Mr Ong: Oi! I’m talking to u!
2nd Cashier: System not updated yet so cannot give receipt
Mr Ong: System not updated then how to sell at this price?!

According to Mr Ong, both cashiers kept quiet for a while before giving him back the difference of $2.10.

Mr Ong commented, “So if it’s really system not updated, why gimme back my change? Why need to look flustered? This place is managed by Kopitiam no less!!”

In response to query from TOC on the Mr Ong’s complaint, Kopitiam’s spokesperson wrote back stating,

We conducted a more in-depth investigation into the matter and discovered the following facts:

  1. The actual selling price provided to Mr Ong was inaccurate. It should be $1.80 and not $2.50.
  1. The mentioned staff are new hires and were misinformed on the selling price of oolong tea, a new product at Lau Pa Sat Festival Market and thus indicated the incorrect selling price to Mr Ong. There was absolutely no intention to cheat or to scam Mr Ong.
  1. Upon realizing their mistake, the difference of $2.10 was refunded to Mr Ong immediately.

We would like to apologize to Mr Ong for the misunderstanding.

The staff have since been counselled and will be rebriefed on all drink prices.

Oolong tea is a new product and a total of 12 cans were sold at Lau Pa Sat Festival Market last week. We advise patrons who have purchased oolong tea from Lau Pa Sat Festival Market Drinks Stall last week to approach the staff for a refund of the balance.

We would like to provide the assurance that our food and drinks are always kept competitvely and reasonably priced.