Malaysian Minister instructs MCMC to take action against scalping of Coldplay ticket  as resale prices soar up to 33-fold

Malaysian Minister instructs MCMC to take action against scalping of Coldplay ticket as resale prices soar up to 33-fold

MALAYSIA — The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has received instructions from the minister to crack down on the recent ticket scalping of British band Coldplay concert tickets.

Some sellers are reselling the tickets on online marketplaces at highly inflated prices, reaching up to 33 times the original price.

According to the Malaysian national news agency Bernama, Fahmi Fadzil, the Communications and Digital Minister, confirmed to the media on Thursday (18 May) that the MCMC has been directed to take action on this issue.

Furthermore, he advised Coldplay fans to purchase tickets from legitimate sources in order to avoid falling victim to ticket scams.

Earlier on Twitter, Fahmi retweeted a post containing a screenshot showing one of the ticket scalpers reselling a CAT1 seat for the Coldplay concert at an exorbitant price of RM 43,200 (approximately 9,542 USD).

This is in stark contrast to the original price set by the organizer, which was only RM 1,288 (approximately 284.52 USD).

“This is outrageous,” Fahmi exclaimed, expressing his intention to discuss the matter with Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub.

Netizens urged authorities to conduct audits on ticketing platforms

Several netizens also commented on Fahmi’s tweet, questioning whether the authorities have conducted audits on ticketing platforms to ensure the fair allocation of tickets. Additionally, they suggested the introduction of legislation to prohibit ticket scalping.

Coldplay fans started petition for second-day concert

There are also netizens urging the organizer to arrange a second day for the Coldplay concert.

One netizen expressed frustration, saying, “Please ask Coldplay to add a second date. The ticketing system was terrible, and despite queuing for a long time, it sold out instantly. Suddenly, scalpers have a bulk of tickets to resell. This is Coldplay’s first time coming to Malaysia, after 20 years of waiting… Give us chance.”

Malaysian Coldplay fans have initiated a petition requesting the British rock band to perform an additional night in Kuala Lumpur.

The petition, hosted on, has already gathered 10,254 signatures as of 1 pm on Thursday (18 May).

The petition includes an open letter addressed to the co-founder of Coldplay and his team, stating that all tickets have been sold out and expressing the hopes of Malaysians that they would consider adding a second show in the country.

Malaysian Coldplay fans frustrated as ticket scalpers double prices at online marketplace

The renowned band Coldplay is scheduled to perform a concert at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur on 22 November this year.

The concert will be part of Coldplay’s ‘Music of the Spheres World Tour,’ during which the British band pledged to plant one tree for every ticket sold.

The concert tickets sold out as soon as they went on sale on Wednesday (17 May), just within 3 hours.  CIMB bank cardholders were given exclusive presale access one day earlier.

If fans were simply losing out to other fans, there wouldn’t be much to complain about. However, Malaysian fans were outraged as online platforms showcased tickets being resold at prices exceeding double the original value!

Several advertisements for resale tickets started appearing on social media and online marketplaces such as Carousell and

Upon checking Carousell, it was found that some of the resale tickets were being sold at prices ranging from RM500 to RM20,000 (approximately 4,418 USD).

For instance, one seller was offering a CAT 7 Coldplay ticket for RM750, despite its original price being only RM228.

Organiser warns against ticket resale

According to Live Nation, the concert organizer, they explicitly stated that the purchased concert tickets are intended for personal use only. Reselling the tickets at face value or above face value, including through online auction sites, is strictly prohibited.

“If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the ticket holder may be refused admission, ” stated Live Nation in their FAQ section on official website.

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