SMRT suspends bus driver after elderly passenger suffers severe injury

injury by woman

A photo of a gruesome leg injury went viral on social media of what is said to be of an accident resulting from a elderly woman falling off a bus. This accident has now been confirmed by SMRT.

The twitter account, _4yu which uploaded the photo wrote, “Apparently the inpatient bus driver drove away while the aunty just manage to step out 1 leg and that happen”

In the statement by SMRT, it said that the woman suffered a “serious injury to her left leg” during the incident at Woodlands Town Garden bus stop.

SMRT also added that members of the public and the bus driver administered first aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

According to the post made by the person who took the photo, the bus driver of service number 913 was visibly shaken by the accident and stayed by the side of the person.

The elderly woman was later sent to the hospital.

“We have met the lady’s son to apologise for the incident and will extend assistance to the family as best as we can,” said Ms Margaret Teo, head of corporate marketing and communications at SMRT.

SMRT said it has suspended the bus captain from driving, who is assisting with investigations.

“We are sorry for the distress and inconvenience caused to passengers and passers-by who may have been affected by the incident,” Ms Teo also said.