Hong Kong Chief Executive, CY Leung will not resign

Hong Kong Chief Executive, CY Leung held a press conference on Thursday midnight, expressing that open dialogue will be carried out with the students and would not resign as Hong Kong’s Chief Executive.

He has appointed Chief Secretary, Carrie Lam to meet & dialogue with the protest representatives as soon as possible as per requested in their open letter.

He asserted the police will tolerate and accommodate the protesters to the best of their ability capacity even though he viewed the protest as illegal. So long as the students do no carry out their threats to rush through the barricades in attempts to occupy government office buildings.

He noted that political change needs to conform to “Basic Law” and to be based on the decision by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

He said that although the protesters are occupying the streets peacefully but the occupy movement cannot continue indefinitely as it will affect the life of citizens.

He added that the government has always been open to discussion and the government has been most tolerant for the past 5 days to allow the youths to express their demand in different forms of assembly.

He said that he will not resign as what the protesters have been demanding and want to continue to ensure that one person one vote election for Hong Kong will take place in 2017.
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