Letter to PA about threat made by alleged grassroots leader


The following is the content of an email sent to the People's Association (PA) by Mr Andrew Loh. The email, sent on 03 April 2015, asks the PA about the online posting by an alleged grassroots leader which had threatened to do physical violence on a 16-year old boy who had criticised the late Lee Kuan Yew and the Christian religion.


The email:

Dear sir / ma'am,

I am not sure if you are aware of the incident where a reported grassroots leader from the Telok Blangah area is said to have made a public threat of physical violence against a 16-year old boy who had created and posted an online video about Lee Kuan Yew and the Christian religion.

The grassroots leader, one Jason Tan, posted on Facebook the following threat:

"For me, I would cut his dick and put in his mouth for blemish Jesus Christ".

Pls see here:




Such a threat or remarks by a grassroots leader, and directed at a young boy of 16, is a cause of deep concern to the public. This is especially so when such a community leader is in a position of influence and authority.

To date, however, there have been no reaction from the People's Association which, I believe, appoints all grassroots leaders to their positions.

I would therefore like to ask:

1. Is the PA aware of the incident and the threat made by Mr Tan?

2. Can the PA confirm that Mr Tan is indeed a grassroots leader under the PA?

3. What action has the PA taken with regards to this incident, if indeed any action has been taken?

3. If no action has been taken so far, will the PA be doing so? If not, could you explain why?

4. Would the PA be issuing a statement on the incident, especially to remind all grassroots leaders that such threats of physical violence are unacceptable?

5. Will the PA be getting in touch with the family of the 16-year old boy and the boy himself to assure them that Mr Tan's conduct is not condoned by the PA?

I look forward to your prompt reply.

Thank you.

Andrew Loh

  • PikuChoo

    I predict the SPF will be “investigating” the case (if it even makes it that far) for the next four years and counting….

    • GUSSIE91

      I am definitely sure, SPF will…..

    • liangjwc1

      I predict nothing will happen for the next fourty years, unless he goes ahead and cut someone’s dict and put in his mouth.

      • nelsonmandala

        tiz RC gok big mouth..asked him to try cuttin me 9cm dick..c..who dic k got cut off FIRST…

  • GUSSIE91

    Singapore needs ‘independent committee’ free from the ruling party influence………

    • Boognish69

      Nothing is going to change when most undiscerning SIngaporeans are besotted with LKY and his inept son.

      LKY destroyed a independent press, manipulated the judiciary and crushed real labour unions during the bad old days. This was his true legacy, We are still paying the price now. It’ll take a long time to undo the damage.

      • GUSSIE91

        ……….you spoke too early.
        Besotted w/LKY as the greatest Singapore founder is norm at present.
        It will take less than 10 years the new Singapore coalitions to lead our country and that is a healthy sign.

  • Boognish69

    If this is not nipped in the bud, I fear that some form of ‘Christian Taliban’ will hold Singapore hostage to its whims.

    For a small sovereign country, I think Singapore has a disturbingly large number of churches per capita.

  • nelsonmandala

    in d eyes of the shortpants matas..tiz RC bloke is merely jokin nia..time to laff..nuthin serious