WP : No point debating or arguing over hawker centres issues

WP : No point debating or arguing over hawker centres issues

In response to the statement released by the Prime Minister Office on 12th July 2013, Workers’ Party released a press statement on 13th July.

The press statement states that Workers’ Party has made their position known and the relevant documents are already in the public domain, so the public can make its own judgment on the matter. It further added that the party does not find it productive to continue debating and arguing with the ruling party over this issue of the cleaning of the hawker centres.

It is noted though Secreatary General,  Mr Low Thia Khiang is currently overseas on a private trip, the press statement was released with his concurrence.

WP’s response to PMO 13 July 2013

Soon after the press statement from Workers’ Party was released, Chang Li Lin, the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister has issued the following response to the media after queries in regards to the statement.

“AHPETC’s conduct in this matter has raised very serious questions of integrity and honesty. These arise both from what the Town Council did, and what Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Pritam Singh said. Minister Vivian Balakrishnan in Parliament, and the Prime Minister in his statement yesterday, pointed out that Ms Lim and Mr Singh had made false and untruthful statements, and tried to cover up the Town Council’s wrongdoing. Mr Low’s latest non-statement addresses none of these serious charges, which therefore stand unrebutted.”

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