Khaw Boon Wan admitted to isolation ward, assures it’s unlikely COVID-19 but possibly dengue

Former Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan shared on Facebook earlier today (23 July) that he has been admitted to an isolation ward for observation after his temperature “shot up”.

In the post, the retired minister revealed that he had undergone a swab test for the coronavirus. He assured that it is “unlikely to be COVID-19” but “dengue is possible” as his area is a hot zone.

“Did the swab test just now and hopefully it’s a false alarm, I had dengue before and it was not pleasant. Meanwhile I will just let the body rest and think about retirement!” he wrote.

Mr Khaw, who announced his retirement from politics on 26 June, noted that he was preparing the office for the new Transport Minister and had just finalised the negotiations for the Johor-Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) when his temperature “shot up”.

“I started my career in the Health Ministry. After 42 years, I would not expect to exit the stage in bed as a patient! I have been preparing my office for the next Transport Minister. Could not have imagined being admitted to an isolation ward for observation!” he added.

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