Zoom releases 27-inch touchscreen display “Zoom for Home” for remote workers

One of the main transitions the world is observing in 2020 is that more people are working from home, which makes video conferencing more essential for remote workers. Along with the shift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, video-conferencing platform Zoom has taken over the world by storm.

In collaboration with DTEN – a video-conferencing firm – Zoom has launched a 27-inch touchscreen display specifically designed for people who work remotely. This is said to upgrade the workers’ home office experience, which in turn, boosts their productivity at work.

Zoom claimed that the new device will be able to cater to users’ various business needs – which include video meetings, interactive whiteboarding, annotations, and phone calls.

What’s more, the official Zoom Blog has noted that besides using the touchscreen display for work purposes, it can also serve as a second monitor.

Named “Zoom for Home – DTEN ME”, the display will be released in the United States in August with a price of US$599 (S$834).

During the product launch announcement yesterday (15 July), the Zoom’s Chief Executive, Eric Yuan, expressed the need to create a “new category” that is specifically tailored for remote workers.

“After experiencing remote work ourselves for the past several months, it was clear that we needed to innovate a new category dedicated to remote workers.”

This particular product was released under the “Zoom for Home” section, which consists of both software and series of hardware devices, according to Engadget. The website also clarified that the hardware of this product was not exclusviely made by Zoom, citing a partnership with third-party manufacturers.

IDC senior research analyst, Rich Costello, mentioned that it is important to ensure workers possess the “right devices” to boost productivity as more people are working remotely as of late.

“With employers and employees working through what the future of work will look like, it is important that people feel set up for success.

“We’ve now moved to the phase of making sure employees have the right devices to enable productivity.”

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