‘Chao ni ma’ Trans-Cab driver says he has a master’s degree, proclaims himself to be a God and claims to have been framed

Remember the infamous ‘Chao ni ma’ Trans-Cab driver who recently made headlines after being caught on video violently harassing a motorist and berating a couple in two separate incidents? Well, apparently the cabby finally decided to share his side of the story in what seemed to be a comically peculiar interview that dwells on his equally comically peculiar persona.

As reported by Stomp earlier today, the 42-year-old cabby, who goes by the name Feng Zhanning, responded to queries by local Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao on Monday (2 Dec) via text messages to speak his mind regarding the whole kerfuffle.

Regarding the road rage dispute in which he was filmed engaging in an aggressive behaviour towards a motorist along Paterson Hill, Mr Feng noted: “That driver was in front of me and swerving like a snake. I was trying to move to the fourth lane from the third lane and he did the same. When I moved from the fourth lane to the third lane, he immediately followed suit.”

“He did this multiple times to block me deliberately and nearly caused an accident. I told him to get down from his vehicle but he refused and even took a video of me. I was similarly provoked in the other video,” he added.

Consequently, his frenzied behaviour sparked heavy criticism targeted solely at him over the Internet, to which he arrogantly retorted that “nothing needs to be said”.

In the interview story by Wanbao, it was reported that Mr Feng sets himself apart from most people.

Case in point, Mr Feng repeatedly pointed out that he had been enlightened about “supernatural power” and “high-dimensional physics”.

What’s more, he even proclaimed himself to be a “God”, before adding that he had been “framed”.

“Godly me has suffered 20 years of being framed by the mafia police and Institute of Mental Health (IMH), filling my heart with hatred,” he told Wanbao.

Upon his termination of employment at Trans-Cab, he reportedly left Singapore. He asserted that he plans to return to China to live in seclusion and be on a spiritual retreat for several years.

Additionally, Mr Feng, who said he is fluent in both English and Chinese, also revealed that he has a Master’s Degree in Science, but was unable to continue his research work because he was “framed” by an individual.

“The National University of Singapore once granted me a PhD entrance interview, but I didn’t like it so I didn’t attend,” he continued.

When pressed further to talk about his past and background, Mr Feng replied, reservedly: “Sorry, I’m not interested in answering personal questions.”

In case you missed out on the videos

In the first one-and-a-half-minute video, Mr Feng, dressed in a white checkered shirt and black pants, wearing a beanie and surgical mask along with a sling bag, was seen engaging in an aggressive behaviour towards a motorist – who remained in his car the whole time, filming the incident.

While in the second video that only lasted thirty seconds, Mr Feng was caught hurling vulgarities at a couple who was with their child.

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