A dramatic video of a Trans-Cab driver on frenzy mode as he violently harassed a motorist by slamming and kicking his car has been making rounds on the Internet in the past couple of hours.
The video was also uploaded on Facebook page Singapore Road Accident just before noon today with the title “Strong elbow hitting car windows”.
Nonetheless, it is neither clear as to what led to the cab driver lashing out, nor when and where the incident took place exactly.
In the one-and-a-half-minute video, the cab driver, dressed in a white checkered shirt and black pants, wearing a beanie and surgical mask along with a sling bag, can be seen engaging in an aggressive behaviour towards a motorist – who remained in his car the whole time, filming the incident.
The video starts off with the cab driver showing the middle finger to the motorist from outside the front passenger window before walking over to the driver’s side of the door and elbowing the car window with great force – twice! More middle finger gesture came after each strike.
The enraged cab driver then walks back to the initial spot as the victim winds down the front passenger seat window, exclaiming: “Please be my witness!”
Once again, the cab driver throws a mighty elbow on the car window after attempting to open the locked car door. At this point in the video, the face of the cab driver is fully revealed as his surgical mask came off amidst his frantic actions.
Subsequently, the cab driver turns to his cab and tells his passenger – seemingly a customer of his, despite sitting at the front seat – to alight from the vehicle. The cab driver then adjusts his surgical mask while his passenger can be seen standing outside the cab, bewildered by the whole situation.
The video then tilts to a horizontal recording frame as the motorist victim attempts to slowly drive away from the scene. Once again, the cab driver unleashes a heavy blow at the back car window with his elbow as he continues to yell at the motorist – as if he is calling the motorist to come out and face him.
Moments later, the cab driver takes a couple of steps back before dropping a sturdy police-knocking-down-the-door-like kick at the car door. Once again, the motorist attempts to slowly drive away, and guess what happens next… the livid cab driver let loose a Cristiano-Ronaldo-like kick, this time at the rear bumper of the car – even the car sensor beeped twice upon impact.
At the end of the video, the motorist takes off and the cab driver can be seen getting back into his cab; thus, drawing an end to the intense physical rumpus between the frenzied cab driver and the car.
Watch the video of the dramatic scene here:

Note: TOC has reached out to Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd for a comment on the incident. We have yet to receive a reply.

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