Aljunied GRC Member of Parliament (MP) and Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh yesterday evening (22 Aug) shared his experience of handling feedback from a resident in his ward regarding a malfunctioning lift in her housing block.
The resident, who was named by Mr Singh as Mrs Goh, was eager to demonstrate the problem and how to supposedly “rectify” the issue, as she can be seen briefly pushing back the edge of the door in the video.
“I met Mrs Goh, a delightful lady, who shared some feedback when I visited her block last night. Some problem with the lift door. I used the same lift when I started housevisits so I requested her to replicate the fault.
“Turns out, like some movers/renovation contractors do, we hold the lift door such that it remains open so we can get in or get out as the door/safety edge shuts,” he noted.
Mrs Goh said in the video that the issue is a recurrent one. “Every time like that. Shouldn’t be one, you know,” she told Mr Singh.
Mr Singh also appeared to be humoured by Mrs Goh’s enthusiasm in demonstrating the fault in the lift.
“I smiled to myself when Mrs Goh taught me what was required to “rectify” the problem and why she could do it – because “I’m good lah!”

Mr Singh assured that his town council (TC) team “is looking into the problem”, adding that they will “rectify” the issue and that they appreciated Mrs Goh’s feedback.

Netizens praised Mr Singh’s dedication to his ward and his hands-on approach:

Several netizens residing in other wards lamented that they rarely see their MPs on the ground, unlike Mr Singh:

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