Singapore Airlines (SIA) has long been known for its exceptional in-flight meal service, even for its economy class.

However, concerns have been raised about a possible decline in the quality of food served in this class, as some comments on a Reddit thread suggest.

The thread discussed a recent Facebook post where a member of a Facebook group who travelled with Singapore Airlines shared photos of the in-flight meals during a family trip to Taipei.

One Reddit post pointed out a discussion on a local forum that claimed cakes, desserts, and fresh fruits have been replaced with a single cracker biscuit served on a cheap disposable plastic tray.

“If this is indeed the case, it is disappointing to know that other full-fledged airlines offer better in-flight experiences at a lower cost.”

Redditor expressed their disappointment with SIA, one claiming “even 7-11 food is better”

In response to the post, some other Redditors also expressed their disappointment with Singapore Airlines, with some citing examples of soggy and salty noodles and a decline in overall food quality and presentation since the pandemic.

Redditor compares SIA inflight meal to army camp food

One Redditor compared the quality of SIA’s inflight meal to that of food served in army camps.

Another comment weighed in, pointing out that both the airline and army camps source their food from SATS, a catering company.

Singapore Airport Terminal Services(SATS) is a Singaporean airport service company that handles the main ground handling and in-flight catering service provider at its country’s Changi Airport.

SATS is a subsidiary of SIA which is majority-controlled by Temasek Holdings, with over 55% direct and indirect shares.

SATS controls about 80% of Changi Airport’s ground handling and catering business, and Kerry Mok, who joined the company in 2019, is the company’s current President and CEO.

Redditor criticised SIA for charging 30% premium while delivering only average quality

One mentioned that they charge a 30% premium while delivering only average quality, which could damage their long-established reputation.

Another Redditor shared his positive experience with the airline, where he was allowed to change their return flights several times due to unexpected bereavements, even though it wasn’t contractually required.

However, the Redditor also noted a decline in the inflight services on the London Heathrow Airport to Singapore route over the years, especially recently.

Ice cream or yogurt?

One Redditor recalled how SQ flights served a small tub of ice cream (possibly Haagen Dazs) in the early 2010s, which was the highlight of his flight as a child.

Some Redditors have reported having Haagen Daaz and Udders ice cream, while others have been served only yoghurt.

One ex-SIA crew member stated that the ice cream brand depends on the route and that the inflight menu can be viewed before the flight.


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