MALAYSIA— A 22-year-old university student, Ang Hui Enn, left a suicide note before running away from home, causing her family to become extremely anxious.

She resided in Klang and left quietly around 11 am on Monday (24 Apr) in a white vehicle while her family was out.

Sadly, on Tuesday (25 Apr) afternoon, her family confirmed that Ms. Ang was found near her residence and had passed away.

Her cousin, Lu Fei (23 years old), had earlier called for netizens’ help on social media to locate Ms. Ang, fearing that she might harm herself.

In a Facebook post, Lu Fei revealed that Ms. Ang’s family members discovered her suicide note after unlocking her second cellphone.

In the note, Ms. Ang bade farewell to her family members, blaming herself for being a “weak person” and expressing her apologies to her mother and brother.

She mentioned that she had called a psychologist last month but knew that seeking therapy wouldn’t change her mind.

Lu Fei told Oriental Daily News that Ms Ang studied abroad in China and had recently returned to Malaysia for school holidays to reunite with her family.

However, she refused to return to China to continue her studies after school reopened.

“My cousin did not inform her family about her well-being while studying in China,” she added. Furthermore, her family members also did not notice any unusual signs before Ms Ang went missing.

Ms Lu Fei said Ms Ang took a mobile phone with her when she left, but she did not answer her family’s phone calls or reply to their messages.

The last time the family contacted her was at 6 pm on the day she disappeared, and her whereabouts were unknown.

“We reported the case to the police station, but because the missing person has not been missing for more than 24 hours, we cannot file a case. The family can only issue a missing person notice and hope that someone can provide information about the missing woman.”

On Tuesday (25 Apr) at 3.32 pm, Lu Fei updated her Facebook post, confirming that Ms. Ang had passed away.

Shin Chiew Daily News reported that Ms Ang was found near her residence in the Taman Sentosa area, and her body was taken to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital.



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