SINGAPORE— The Singapore Police Force have arrested a 14-year-old boy for allegedly posing as a customer and stealing two gold chains worth more than $20,000 from a jewellery store in Chinatown.

Following the arrest, the police conducted an investigation and subsequently arrested a 17-year-old youth believed to have instructed the younger youth to commit the crime.

On Monday (24 Apr), police issued a press release stating that the two boys, aged 14 and 17, had been arrested for their involvement in the theft from a jewellery store.

The incident occurred at around 5 pm on Sunday (23 Apr) at the Chung Hwa Jade & Jewellery on the second floor of the People’s Park Complex.

CCTV footage posted on the shop’s Facebook page shows the 14-year-old boy posing as a customer, holding and examining two gold chains.

He then made a run for it with the chains when the man behind the counter turned his back.

The staff gave chase and were able to apprehend the boy, recover the chains, and alert the authorities.


After being apprehended, the boy begged the staff for mercy, explaining that he had stolen the chains because he owed money.

The police arrested the boy and conducted an investigation, eventually identifying another 17-year-old youth who had allegedly instructed the younger boy on how to carry out the theft.

On Monday, the police arrested the older boy in Fernvale Road, Sengkang.

Two chains which cost around S$23,000

The owner of a family-owned shop, surnamed Teng, and his brother were working when the boy wearing a mask walked in.

He told Chinese media Shin Min Daily News that the boy the boy initially wanted to purchase 50g and 80g gold chains but later asked to see heavier ones.

Teng showed him two chains weighing 100g and 131g, which cost around S$23,000.

As Teng put the lighter chains back, the boy ran out with the heavier ones. The Teng brothers chased him for about 100m and caught him at a crossroad outside People’s Park Complex.

“He is still young, and he made a mistake,” Teng and his brother have forgiven him since they retrieved the stolen items.

The police reiterated that they have a zero-tolerance policy towards such brazen criminal behaviour and will do everything in their power to apprehend and prosecute those responsible.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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