Daily Archives: 2019-04-05

Prostitutes operating through an online website, mostly Singaporean women

Two men Ong Ah Huat and Teo Sah Soon were sentenced to jail and fined in court yesterday (4 Apr) for setting up a website for prostitution and living off the earnings collected from prostitutes. In Singapore, prostitution itself is not illegal, but various prostitution-related activities are. This includes public solicitation and living off the earnings of a prostitute. Ong, …

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“Possible” to postpone JB-Singapore RTS deadlines within framework of bilateral agreement, mutual consent: MOT

Further delays are to be expected regarding the JB-Singapore RTS Link project as Singapore’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) announced on Thu (4 Apr) that a review of the bilateral agreement (BA) regarding the project is “possible”. MOT noted that any review or deadline extension will be “subject to mutual consent of both countries”. “For example, Malaysia can request to suspend …

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Troubling key points of the proposed Fake News law by the Singapore government

The draft of Singapore’s new ‘Fake News’ law is out. The Protection From Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) was proposed in Parliament on 1 April as a means to combat the spread of false and/or misleading information online – which undoubtedly has become a major issue as the world enters a new level of connectedness via the internet. Among …

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Protection for us or for them?

by Teo Soh Lung The longer the People’s Action Party (PAP) remains in power, the more oppressive the laws and regulations will be. The Public Order Act (2009) and the Administration of Justice (Protection) Act (2016) are two examples where the laws are not meant to protect the people or the judiciary but to shield the government from criticisms. Sadly, …

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SingPost to sell US e-commerce subsidiaries following strategic review, non-US units unaffected by divestment

Singapore Post (SingPost), which has been in the media spotlight a great deal lately, announced on Wednesday (3 April) that it will sell two of its US e-commerce subsidiaries following a strategic review. The businesses to be sold are Jagged Peak and TradeGlobal, without valuation for the units. Jagged Peak provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions with software and services that enhance …

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