Woman attempted suicide in Changi Hospital, allegedly from her fear of facing possible high medical costs

On 14 February this year, a young woman in her 30’s who was hospitalised at Changi General Hospital attempted to commit suicide at around 1:30pm by jumping off the third floor of the hospital.

A witness to the incident said that she tried to grab the young woman while she was on the parapet across the railing but the woman said, ‘let me go’. The witness was unable to hold on to her before she jumped, falling on the reception area three storeys below.

TOC understands that the woman suffered serious injuries and is being treated for a broken jaw, possible skull fracture, and other injuries. She was subsequently warded in the ICU for her injuries sustained from the fall.

Witnesses say the incident happened due to some sort of misunderstanding between the woman and her mother who was nearby at the CGH Clinic. A witness told us that the woman was concerned about her medical bills. Apparently, the woman was scared that she would be admitted, incurring high medical costs that she would be unable to cover.

The police are investigating the incident and had already interviewed the eye witness on the day itself.

Witness being interviewed by a police officer following the attempted suicide

Following the attempted suicide, nets were put up alongside the open corridor on the third floor at CGH.

TOC has reached out to CGH on 27 February for comment but have yet to receive a response on the incident and the status of the woman.


Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): 1800 221 4444

Family Service Centre: 1800 838 0100

Singapore Association for Mental Health: 1800 283 7019

Seniors Helpline (for the elderly): 1800 555 5555

Care Corner Mandarin Counselling Centre (for Mandarin speakers): 1800 353 5800

Association of Women for Action & Research (AWARE) 1800-774-5935

Touchline (Touch Youth Service): 1800 377 2252

Tinkle Friend (for children): 1800 274 4788 on weekdays