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“Activism does not go against Lasallian values; it is central to it”: St Joseph Institution alumni

In a submission to TOC, an alumnus of St Joseph Institution (SJI) has expressed his disappointment towards the anti-activism stance held by the current heads of his alma mater, and their subsequent silence regarding the matter. The alumnus wrote that “many alumni of the school were in shock, and there have been intense debates on closed Facebook groups” regarding Vice-Principal …

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Is the Workers’ Party still correctly feeling the pulse of the people?

In 2011, the Workers’ Party spectacularly captured a Group Representation Constituency, ousting a People’s Action Party team helmed by two ministers and a senior minister of state. But four years later, it only won by a whisker against the weakest GRC team ever fielded by the PAP. Currently, the WP also has a court case hanging over its head like …

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Youngsters can’t be blamed for living in a bubble when govt is constantly bombarding how great we are in comparison with other countries

I agree that perceptions held by Singaporeans of fellow ASEAN countries must change  in line with significant developments in the region in the past decade. Just as Singapore has grown into the international city that it is today, the rest of our ASEAN neighbours have also  developed in tandem. Failure to recognise this is not just ignorant but would also …

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Why can’t National Jobs Bank statistics be disclosed in light of public interest?

The Government should follow the online falsehoods’ committee’s recommendation to give reasons for decisions not to disclose information to the public, in order to gain the public’s trust? I refer to the article “Can’t unemployed or underemployed S’poreans take up jobs done by any of 372,100 foreign PMETs here?‘ (theonlinecitizen, Jun 27). It states that “Last week, ST reader Tan …

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Train service disruption along EWL on Monday morning and slight delay along NEL

A train service disruption along the East West Line (EWL) occurred this morning (24 Sep). This comes after the 7 hours disruption of train service last Wednesday. No clear reasons understood on this morning train service disruption and there was no official announcement from SMRT. Commuters of the peak hours posted about the delay on Twitter platform, stating complaints and …

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