Photo: Joey Tan's post on TATA SMRT Facebook

Train service disruption along EWL on Monday morning and slight delay along NEL

A train service disruption along the East West Line (EWL) occurred this morning (24 Sep). This comes after the 7 hours disruption of train service last Wednesday.

No clear reasons understood on this morning train service disruption and there was no official announcement from SMRT. Commuters of the peak hours posted about the delay on Twitter platform, stating complaints and asking questions.

At 7:24am Isaac asked SMRT what was going on as he did not want a repeat of the Wednesday’s chaos:

Other passengers also tweeted information and questions about the EWL train delays:

Lauren Lee informed about long queues at Clementi MRT Station at 8:46am:

Several passengers informed about the EWL delay on TATA SMRT Facebook platform:

Joey Tan wrote at 8:10am: “EWL city bound doesn’t have mrt coming. Queue is building up.”

Joey Tan added a photo at 8:15am, he wrote: “No announcement. 4 westbound train: 1 eastbound train.”

Aloysius J B Cruz wrote at 8:17am: “Stuck at Jurong East. Train not moving. No announcement.”

Diana Chua wrote at 8:37am: “Delays on EWL…. AGAIN.”

Other posts on the Facebook platform informed about the train delay but no firm reasons of the cause, some mentioned Platform Screen Door fault:

Aaron Tan wrote at 8:27am: “Joey Tan erm just had an announcement saying the train is stopping due to congestion ahead.”

Alvinder Singh wrote at 8:30am: “Now stop at Jurong East, City bound”

Syazana Liyana Lopez wrote at 8:32am: “Wah! I’m about to reach boon lay, any updates? Still same?”

Paul Hui wrote at 8:34am: “NEL also slow down before Serangoon station . No announcement.

Charlene Liu wrote at 8:42am: “My train has stopped at Chinese Garden for quite awhile. They just announced delay of 5mins due to platform screen doors fault.”

Jun Jian wrote at 8:47am: “PSD door fault at JE towards Pasir Ris as of 8.46am.”

Danny Leong wrote at 8:47am: “8.45 stuck at QT. I shd hv reached RP by now as I hv started much earlier.”

Mingz Wang also said train announcement kept saying congestion at the front.

Mingz Wang wrote at 8:50am: “Keep saying congestion at the front.”

And there were still no announcement from SMRT on its social media platforms, but at 9:00am Syazana Liyana Lopez posted again that she was in an Eastbound train moving smoothly with a slight delay:

Syazana Liyana Lopez wrote at 9:00am: “Slight delay, but still moving smoothly for me. Eastbound.”

Meanwhile earlier this morning, the passengers along the North East Line (NEL) also experienced train delays. There were also no official information from SBS Transit, but the delays occurred in a short time span.

Wynter Bookalotte informed at 6:49am on Twitter that she has been delayed twice at different stations along the NEL:

There were no other information or complains on the Twitter platform but passengers on TATA SMRT Facebook posted about the delays along the NEL.

At 6:46am Leonard Tan informed about the delay which was announced over PA:

Leonard Tan at 6:46am wrote: “NEL trains delayed. Cause unknown. Announced over PA. My Harbourfront bound train (leading car 71073) dwelled at Kovan for about 3 mins.”

But a minute later Leonard Tan updated: “0647 train moved, approaching Serangoon.”

Other commuters also informed and reasoned about the NEL delays on the Facebook platform:

Jacquelyn R Lim wrote at 6:51am: “6.50am: Slight confusion at Sengkang NEL. Train at Platform going towards Punggol was switched to go to Harbourfront. Then announced to wait at that platform too. Last minute when a second train arrived, we were asked to switch back to the usual platform (going towards HF). I guess problem rectified.”

Jordan Siah wrote at 6:57am: “Think it was because a train had issues talking to the platform screen doors as a friend of mine saw a train at Platform A having issues opening the doors and he was delayed for 6mins.”

And at 6:59am Sarizan Ahmad wrote on TATA SMRT Facebook that NEL train services has returned to normal:

Sarizan Ahmad wrote at 6:59am: “Just took a train from Punggol to Sengkang. No problem.”