Photo of accident along Balestier Road by Christabel Seah

Trailer loaded with heavy vehicle, rams into Balestier Road pedestrian bridge

A low-bed trailer loaded with a heavy construction vehicle rammed into a pedestrian bridge along Balestier Road on Friday evening at around 9pm.

From photos taken by pedestrians near the area, one can see that the bridge has been heavily damaged from the collision with the bridge being knocked out of place with blocks of concrete being held in air by the steel beams.

The video taken by Christabel Seah shows the scene of accident.

A photo from Billy Lui shows that there are blocks of concrete that have fallen onto the road beneath the bridge.

No casualty has been reported so far.

According to Calvin Foong, the whole stretch of road is being blocked off by the police.

Land Transport Authority announced that there had been an accident on Balestier Road (towards Jalan Kebun Limau) after McNair Road, and that Balestier Road was closed after McNair Road.

Bus service 21,125,130,139 & 145 is being diverted along Balestier Road due to the accident.

Given the condition of the damaged bridge, the authorities have been fast to call for the road to be blocked, in light of the possibility that the bridge may collapse anytime.

Singapore Police Force announced at around 1am on Saturday that the 57-year-old driver involved in the accident along Balestier Road and his 59-year-old employer, have been arrested.

SPF states that the two have been arrested for Causing a Heavy Motor Vehicle to Collide with an Overhead Bridge under Section 65A(1) of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 276.
The driving licence of the driver has also been suspended with immediate effect.