With complaints, comes clapbacks. The LTA was quick to respond to public and media complaints over the enhanced security screening trials which were initiated at the Little India and Bedok stations yesterday.

On their Facebook page, the LTA shared a minute-long video to counter claims that the screenings take up a lot of time and are causing massive queues, calling it all ‘fake news’. They also clarified that there’s not likely to be long queues as not every commuter will be screened. “Selection is random, and the screenings are similar to how bag checks are usually done at MRT stations,” said LTA.

Presumably, this is a direct response to complaints that the security checks are as stringent as the ones conducted at airports.

The LTA also emphasised the need to these enhanced security measures to ensure the safety of all commuters – this was accompanied with the hashtag #DontWaitTillTooLate.

Many commuters were already voicing their worries of being delayed due to these checks when the measures were announced in the first week of November.

At that time, the LTA had yet to specify any details about the checks, failing to mention that it would be a random screening of only a handful of passengers. Everyone was under the impression that each commuter would be subjected to screening.

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