Suspected terrorists arrested in Batam for plan to attack Marina Bay

Six suspected terrorists were arrested at various location in Batam by Indonesia’s counter-terrorism force, Densus 88 this morning (5 August) according to local media Batam News.

The suspects are Gigih Rahmat Dewa, 31, Trio Syafrido, 46, Eka Saputra, 35, Tarmidzi, Hadi Gusti Yanda, 20, and M Tegar Sucianto, 19. All of the arrested work at a fabric factory except Trio who is a bank executive.

It is said the group has linked with Bahrun Naim, who is the mastermind of terror happened in Jakarta last year.

Head of the Police, Boy Rafli Amar said they had planned about firing the rockets to Marina Bay Sands from Batam.

One of the suspect, Gigih, was arrested early this morning from his house at Mediterranean Housing Block FF1 Batam Centre. Local news said that he is the ring of the group. He was brought to the police station along with his wife and his child. His neighbors said that the police asked people to get inside their own house. One of the neighbor said that he saw the police brought arrows from inside the house.

Others were arrested at Nagoya,Complex Masyeba, Cluster Sakura Botania, Carina Park Complex, and the Komplek Taman Indah Batuaji.

The suspects were members of the Katibah Gigih Rahmat and linked with Bahrun Naim. Boy said that Gigih was suspected to have received and distributed funds from Bahrun Naim to hold radicalism actions. Bahrun and Gigih have planned to attack Marina Bay Sands. But no further details are provided about the plan.

Gigih was known to have sent Indonesian workers to Suriah through Turkey. Suriah is where Bahrun Naim lives.

Gigih was also known to have lived with Uighurs named Ali and Doni. Ali was related with the terrorist attack which happened recently in Solo, one of Indonesia’s city. Ali was also arrested in Bekasi along with Abu Mus’ab.


This article will be updated with more information from Indonesian news.