Daily Archives: 2008-11-12

An extreme suggestion for an extreme age

It has been two months since the Advisory Council for the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS) released its report. Its report was standard government fare except for a major point that has got everyone talking: the need for the government to engage netizens on their own turf.
By Arixion.

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Money gets you places

If you are a professional, you can contribute to Singapore, if you earn above the average median income of Singaporeans, become a PR and maybe later a citizen. Goh Chok Tong (“Any talent welcome”, Straits Times, 12 Nov 08)

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Minority PM – Yes, it’s possible

We have a system of scouring the whole country for good leaders and we know more or less who are the leaders of each community. So we don’t quite see one coming, but it is an open system and it is possible one day to have an outstanding person to become the Prime Minister of Singapore, whatever his race is. …

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