Daily Archives: 2008-11-17

No politics please..

If we either politicise the process or take an overly legalistic approach as opposed to this case-by-case evaluation in the financial institutions and FIDREC, there’s less likelihood that we get a fair outcome for investors. Tharman Shanmugaratnam

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Groped in Orchard Road

I thought that an incident like this would only happen in Geylang, now I know you will also be taken for a hooker on Orchard Road if you are well dressed, and put on make up. Asia One

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An old message regurgitated

Change has to take place in Singapore but change must take place not (between parties) but within the PAP….As long as the PAP changes itself, and continues to provide clean and good government, and the lives of Singaporeans improve, the country is much better off with one dominant, strong, clean, good party. Lee Hsien Loong

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