Singapore Government screw-ups

From the blog, Josee 100:

Let me list down the stuff that the PAP & Singapore Government has done since the last election to piss off the general population:

Invest billions of dollars into Merrill Lynch, Citibank and UBS at the wrong time and price (even Warren Buffet – The Oracle of Omaha – didn’t dare to invest in banks back then. And Warren Buffet is a ‘long-term’ investor.)

Not being pro-active in resolving the Lehman Minibond Fiasco (and they call themselves ‘world-class’ and pay themselves the highest. But don’t you notice that they seem to copy everything that HK is doing?)

Proposing to house foreign workers in a middle-class neighbourhood (Which other country does it?)

Approving electricity hikes at the time of recession (Again, which other country does it at the onset of a recession?)

Increasing GST from 5% to 7% (and making a huge budget surplus in 2007 and at the onset of a recession. If they pay themselves top dollars and call themselves ‘world-class’, surely they would have foreseen the crisis approaching. Some economists have already pointed out the trend around that time.)

Opening the floodgates to an excessive number of questionable ‘foreign talent’ into the country (depressing our real wages & driving up housing prices)

Allowing the car population to explode and then installing more ERP gantries to tax usage

Keeping ineffective leaders like Chan Soo Sen around – Remember how he screwed up Joo Chiat and now he attended a diploma-mill’s graduation ceremony? (And they call him ‘world-class’ and pay him top dollars)

Giving scholarships freely to ‘foreign students’ while expecting ‘local talent’ to take up bank loans (get themselves into debt) or use their parents CPF money to pay for their own studies.

Under-investing in public transport – Sardine-packed trains. Fewer bus routes.

Hyping up F1 Race while the general public sees little positive spin-offs. Instead workers in CBD need to put up with road closures and traffic jams.

Sheding responsibility during the Mas Selamat case. Isn’t it weird that Ministers in other countries will step down to take responsibility if a serious error is committed but not ours? And we call ourselves world-class? I hope this is not an ‘honest’ mistake.

In my opinion, the PAP is getting increasingly out-of-touch with society. The list of items above pisses off almost the entire strata of the society – the elderly (Minibond victims and traditional PAP supporters), the young working class (competition from questionable ‘foreign talent’), the upper middle-income (Serangoon residents) and lower income (electricity and GST hikes)

Only the rich will support the PAP. With the financial crisis looming, I wonder how many of the rich will remain to ‘save’ the party.


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