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Cherian George on racial and religious intolerance in Singapore

With the recent debates swirling again about race and racism in Singapore, Professor Cherian George weighed in on Twitter to highlight a chapter from his book Singapore, Incomplete: A reflection on a First World Nation’s Arrested Political Development which addresses the issue of justice and equality. #Singapore is debating racism, with a refreshing openness among both minorities and the majority, …

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HSA issues warning against three products containing undeclared potent medical ingredients with severe side effects, sold online and at Redhill Market

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has issued an alert, warning the public against purchasing and consuming three products called ‘Skinny Lolita’, ‘Xtreme Candy’ and ‘unlabelled clear capsules’ containing dark brown powder. These three products are apparently sold on multiple e-commerce websites based in Singapore and Malaysia as well as by a peddler in Redhill Market. HSA said that a woman …

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Hong Kong airport protesters retreat — but city in turmoil

by Jerome Taylor and Catherine Lai Pro-democracy protesters retreated from Hong Kong’s airport on Wednesday following two days of hugely disruptive rallies that turned violent and plunged the global financial hub further into turmoil. The protests ended early Wednesday morning following a series of clashes in which a policeman drew his gun after being beaten by demonstrators and other officers …

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