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MPA refutes Singapore Herald’s “false online allegations” regarding the Singapore government’s role as the “chief culprit” in the Polaris-Pireaus collision

Singapore's Port and Maritime Authority (MPA) has issued a rebuttal against the "false online allegations" made by online publication Singapore Herald regarding the recent collision between Malaysian government vessel Polaris and Greek vessel Piraeus in the disputed waters off Tuas, insisting that "there is neither a ‘chief culprit’ nor an ‘arranged’ incident" as claimed by the blog. SH, formerly known as States Times Review, …

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Hiring international academics serves to reinforce conservatism in Singapore, says scholar

The hiring of international academics at universities in Singapore could reinforce the country’s lack of academic freedom and “make the academy more conservative, said a scholar to Times higher Education (THE). While internationalisation has been hailed by some as a way for the West to contribute a positive influence on academia in authoritarian countries by improving teaching and research practices …

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Ng Eng Hen apologises for recent deaths of national servicemen

“I am deeply sorry for the loss of four precious NSmen (national servicemen) in the last 17 months,” said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen in a ministerial statement addressing the deaths. “MINDEF and the SAF will hold ourselves accountable for every single NSman entrusted to us.” The most recent death of national serviceman Aloysius Pang sent shock waves across the island. …

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Tensions between Singapore and Malaysia rekindled in the wake of Polaris-Piraeus collision in disputed waters off Tuas

Tensions between Singapore and Malaysia are on the rise again as Singapore has, once again, firmly called upon Malaysia to remove the latter's vessels from the disputed waters off Tuas in the wake of a collision between the Malaysian vessel Polaris and Greece-registered bulk carrier Piraeus on Saturday (9 Feb). In a statement released on Sunday (10 Feb), a spokesperson on …

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SIA and Scoot to start using pilots from India

It was reported in the media yesterday (9 Feb) that Indian pilots from Vistara would be flying for SIA and Scoot. The report said that Vistara is working with SIA and Scoot to provide around 20 of its pilots to help fly SIA and Scoot's planes. Up to 12 qualified Vistara pilots have been training with SIA since last month, …

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