Renowned Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang implicated in #MeToo allegation, hospitalised after emotional breakdown

Renowned Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang implicated in #MeToo allegation, hospitalised after emotional breakdown

TAIWAN — On Monday (June 19), Mickey Huang, a renowned Taiwanese TV host with a positive public image, found himself entangled in Taiwan’s #MeToo movement, joining the growing list of celebrities facing allegations of sexual harassment.

In response to the accusations, the 51-year-old comedian took to his Facebook page and shared three apology videos. However, he subsequently deleted both his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

According to reports from Taiwanese media, Huang was subsequently admitted to Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment. It was reported that Huang had an emotional breakdown and allegedly attempted self-harm by cutting his wrists.

Taichung prosecutors stated their readiness to initiate an investigation if a complaint is filed, considering a potential violation of the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act (兒童及少年性剝削防制條例).

A netizen accused “unnamed celebrity” of decades-old sexual harassment on Monday

Early on Monday, a netizen named Zofia, who is also well-known for her travel blog “Walking Together in France for 365 Days (和我一起 走在法國的365天)” on Facebook, came forward and accused an unnamed celebrity of sexually harassing her over a decade ago.

In the Facebook post published at 5.15 am, Zofia stated that she got to know the celebrity through mutual friends during their time in school when she was 17 years old.

In her account, Zofia mentioned expressing her gratitude to him for encouraging her to write and play her songs on the radio station he hosted.

However, she did not expect him to show up at her dormitory one night and insist that she get into his car.

” Inside the car, he kissed me without asking for my consent and expressed his affection for me,” Zofia said she was frightened at the time, but the celebrity apologised to her later which she also accepted.

But Zofia recounted a second incident, in which the celebrity invited her to a hotel room under the pretense of an art exhibition. She alleged that the celebrity requested her to remove her shirt so he could take a picture, repeatedly emphasizing that it was for artistic purposes.

“I was so young, and his image was so positive that I followed his instructions,” Zafia added that the celebrity even took out a small green figurine (resembling a little soldier) and made it seem like they were taking landscape photos, convincing her that it was art.

“But I couldn’t control my feelings of regret and fear. Tears streamed down my face.”

She vividly recalled him taking pictures while she was crying, saying, “You look beautiful even when you are in tears.” This memory still nauseates her.

Other victims have also reached out to Zofia

Soon, Zofia mentioned that other victims have also reached out to her, and rumors have started speculating about the identity of the celebrity she was referring to.

When a netizen asked Zofia to disclose the name of the celebrity, she replied that these victims do not have substantial evidence, stating, “The more victims come forward, the more it can prove that what I’m saying is not a lie.”

Mickey Huang confessed via social media to sexual harassment allegations

In a video on Facebook published at Monday noon, Huang confirmed that he was the person referred to in Zofia’s post.

Huang apologised, saying, “Of course, I must apologize and I’m very sorry for betraying the trust and expectations of many people.”

He said, “The knots in my heart can only be resolved through continuous giving, continuous efforts, and continuous changes. But I know it’s difficult to conceal anything with these.”

Huang admitted that his deviant and even pathological personality developed from a traumatic experience when he was 10 years old. He witnessed his mother having an affair in front of him, which caused a significant impact on him.

During his school years, watching adult films made him attempted to imitate the things he saw, including voyeurism and secretly filming girls.

He said, “I did some foolish things that seemed pleasurable at the time, but now it’s too late for apologies.”

Huang emphasised that his wife, actress Summer Meng (孟耿如) is completely unaware of these things. Huang said that he has been striving to change himself since he married 10 years ago. Especially after having children, he has been even more determined to make efforts.

He mentioned that Meng is still young and has a long way to go, and he hopes that everyone can continue to support and help her.

He also apologized to his daughter, saying, “You’re still young and won’t remember having this father, which is good. Only I don’t have the chance to start over, and I deserve it.”

Huang stated, ” “I just want to use these videos to remind everyone that some things may scab over, but when you peel them off, they bleed and hurt, and more things happen.”

He further questioned those who incite and spectate, those who cast stones at him, asking, “Why bother? Haven’t you ever made mistakes or had secrets you wished to hide?”

Unexpectedly, e dropped a bombshell by mentioning past incidents and naming prominent figures in Taiwan’s entertainment industry, including allegations against Dee Hsu and Barbie Hsu regarding a drug usage scandal, as well as accusing Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) of unpaid debts, casting doubt on his integrity.

About one hour after the videos were uploaded, they were deleted and Mickey Huang’s Facebook page was shut down.

Huang reportedly survived a suicide attempt

Following the incident, Taiwan media reported that the Taipei City Fire Department confirmed receiving a call for an ambulance at 12:40 on Monday.

Subsequently, Mickey Huang was taken to Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment, possibly due to emotional and mental stress.

In response to the allegations made by Huang, several well-known personalities have denied his claims of illegal activities and stated their intention to file lawsuits against him.

According to Taipei Times, Mickey Huang may face a potential investigation by the judiciary after being implicated in an accusation of sexual harassment and the alleged taking of nude photographs of a minor.

Taichung prosecutors have stated that they will initiate an investigation into a possible violation of the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act (兒童及少年性剝削防制條例) if a complaint is filed.

Huang in ICU, still unable to speak or communicate

According to TVBS News, Summer Meng revealed on Tuesday (20 June) that her husband’s condition is as follows: “he briefly regained consciousness in the intensive care unit but is still unable to speak or communicate. ”

“However, there is currently no threat to his life. Thank you all for your concern.”

Summer Meng choked back tears during an interview at the hospital yesterday (19th), stating that they are still working hard to clarify many aspects of the situation.

“She mentioned, “Since knowing Mickey, he has been making efforts to change and to bring positive energy to everyone. The past issues still require more time and space.”

“We are a family, and whatever happens, I will accompany him to face it together and make amends for any mistakes that may have been made.”

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