#MeToo wave sweeps Taiwan in long-awaited reckoning

Whistle-blower Chen Chien-jou’s #MeToo account of harassment sparked a movement in Taiwan, exposing gender inequality and prompting calls for change in the culture of victim-blaming.

Renowned Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang implicated in #MeToo allegation, hospitalised after emotional breakdown

Mickey Huang, a well-known TV host, faced accusations of sexual harassment, joining the growing #MeToo movement in Taiwan. Huang released apology videos on Facebook before deleting his accounts. He was subsequently admitted to the hospital after an emotional breakdown. Taichung prosecutors stand ready to investigate potential violations.

Chinese-Canadian ex-pop star Kris Wu jailed for rape

BEIJING, CHINA — Chinese-Canadian ex-pop star Kris Wu has been jailed for…

#MeToo – Sexual harassment at workplace

Below is a story of a lady who was sexually harassed and…