A Malaysian Twitter user, jenjibam, touched the hearts of many when sharing a story about a 75-year-old man who is still actively searching for employment despite his age.

According to the tweet, the elderly man has 11 children from his first wife, all of whom are already married and have their own families. However, his second wife is disabled, and they also have a disabled child.

“The elderly man’s desire is to earn money to support his disabled child and wife,” the user revealed, noting that the uncle held back tears while recounting his story.

As an employer, the Twitter user expressed that he did hire the elderly man, emphasizing that as long as the elderly man genuinely wishes to work, he will always provide him with opportunities and a space to do so.

“May he stay healthy and energetic to support his family, uncle!”

The Twitter user ponders why those 11 children are unable to take care of their own father

In his tweet, the user pondered why the man’s sons are unable to take care of their own father.

He remarked, “One father can provide for 11 children, but those 11 children can’t extend a helping hand to their own father.”

“But that’s how it is, as fathers, we need to have a strong spirit and determination.”

“Even if we are neglected tomorrow, even by our own children, we must remain steady and stand on our own two feet,” the user said, showing his respect to the elderly man’s dedication to support his family.

He further explained that the elderly man’s first wife already passed away and he married with the second one.

Netizens laud the Twitter user’s compassionate nature while suggesting that there might be more to the story

There are comments praising Jenjibam for his good Samaritan spirit, while others suggest the need for further details from the other side of the story.

A user commented: “There might be a story that we don’t know… maybe we should hear from the 11 children first. Honestly, I dislike my own father… that’s it… there are reasons why I feel that way. So, I won’t judge this case. ”

“Perhaps there were past mistakes… we reap what we sow (hope that’s the right phrase I used)… but it’s good that you offered him a job.”

A comment suggests the 11 children can contribute RM 100 each and the uncle will be able to have a RM1,100 per month

While one of the users suspected that there is a possibility that this is the children’s response to an irresponsible father; but another Twitter user questioned, Can’t the 11 children contribute RM 100 each and the uncle will be able to have a RM1,100 (approximately 239 USD) per month.

Another comment wrote: “Just wanted to ask about the connection between his two marriages. So, it turns out his first wife has passed away, and he remarried someone with a disability. ”

“This uncle must have a side of the story. But with his 11 children, at least one or two of them should feel something, right?”

Another user shared that her father has 10 children, 6 boys and 4 girls, and she was raised by a foster family.

“Even though my father never provided me with money for expenses, I’m grateful that Allah has softened my heart to take care of him now that he is old.”

“Each children might have their own financial constraints”

A Twitter user expressed his support for the elderly man’s dedication, saying, “I support this uncle because he still feels a sense of responsibility. He wants to take care of his disabled wife and child. ”

“But why don’t his 10 children help him? It’s because they have turned out to be like their father when he was young, busy supporting their own families and starting their own lives,” his comment suggesting that each of the children might have their own financial constraints in supporting their own families.

Another Twitter user shared that he has a determined father who insists on working even though he’s almost in his 70s.

“I was soooo worried that my father would go and ask for a job, and then get scolded by his 3 children who are already working. They thought the three of us siblings wouldn’t take care of our father.”

“But the thing is… my father is stubborn. Even though he’s almost in his 70s, he still wants to work. Last time, he worked as a box mover at a store…”

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