Netizens complain Telco TPG for not responding to requests on termination and duplicate charge; TPG apologises and assures to hire more manpower

Singapore telecommunications company TPG Telecom has apologised to the customers for its “unresponsive service” and assured to hire more manpower to deal with customer’s queries after received complaints of delayed replies and poor service.

According to TODAY’s report, over the past two months, the customers have expressed their discontentment and frustration on the Facebook page of TPG, complaining that TPG has not reacted to their repeated requests of terminating their mobile phone plans.

To add to their frustration, some disappointed that there is no customer service phone line to call and even have to make their way to visit the store to process the termination request.

Explaining the reason on the delayed replies, TPG told TODAY that the team has been “inundated with customer requests and sign-ups” due to their popularity of its Seniors Plan launched last month.

“For that, we apologise to our customers and would like to assure them that we are taking their feedback very seriously, and are currently putting forth our best efforts to address their concerns, including hiring additional manpower,” TPG said.

It also acknowledged that some customers’ termination requests could not be processed in time due to its delayed response, which consequently caused the customers “inadvertently charged for the following subscription period”.

It then assured that it will refund the payments to their customers for such cases after they received termination requests from customers and verified them.

As a modern telco, TPG also noted that it has chosen a “digital approach” such as using social media and email for its customer service instead of using a general service phone line.

“TPG Singapore is focused on the digital future, where we interact with our customers digitally to resolve issues and queries in the most efficient way. Having a digital approach also lets TPG provide plans and services that are more competitive in the industry,” it said.

Concerning the elderly people may not be technologically savvy, TPG however plans to introduce a service phone line for its customers aged 60 and above so as to respond to their requests more efficiently.

TPG denies the issue of duplicate charge to customers phone bills

TPG also made a clarification regarding the issue of customers claiming received duplicate charges in their August’s phone bills.

Based on its investigation, it said that it has not “encountered any situation where clients were wrongfully charged for what they did not pay for”, while adding that “there were several possible reasons for the multiple charges”.

It could be a delay in TPG’s billing system, where customers will see a second entry in their August bills if they were not billed for July, said TPG.

Other than this, it also cited a reason that some customers may also see multiple deductions on their credit card bills given that they have several phone lines tied to the same credit card.

It went on to said that the subscribers must log into their TPG accounts to view their bills as the current credit card bills will not show the mobile lines and the months that customers are being charged.

“To address these concerns, we are also working on a billing enhancement that will provide clearer descriptions of each charge on the credit card bill, including showing the subscription period and the phone number,” TPG told TODAY.

Furthermore, the duplicate charge may also happen to the customer who have made multiple attempts for registration, according to TPG.

Noting there are cases where customers signed up for a number of lines on the same day, TPG said “it assumes that the customer wants to sign up for multiple lines” as the multiple payments are authorised.

TPG also claimed that the confirmation email will sent to each customer for their successful registration, but the customers may not have realised because the message may have gone to spam folder in their email account.

Without realising that the registration was already successful on their first try, the customer will then try to register a second time, said TPG.

Noting that it takes “very seriously” the customer service as well as its products’ quality and network services, TPG assured that it will do “whatever it takes to ensure that its customers are satisfied”.

Netizens share their bad encounters when using TPG service

The netizens were irritated with the explanation given by TPG and penned their discontentment on the Facebook page of TODAY, with most of them have shared their bad encounters when using TPG service.

One netizen described that because TPG did not response to her email, she then tried to “self-service” by logging into her own account on TPG website. However, the account was not accessible.

“So how TPG? Email don’t work, self-service don’t work, no hotline to call…I’m not even sure if your are a legitimate business anymore…” the netizen wrote.

For the duplicate charge, one netizen said that he has encountered issue of duplicate charge in both July and August, but has not received any refunds for August yet. “And yet, I received a sms stating that they did not receive payment from me. And there were no billing invoices sent to me at all,” the netizen wrote.

The netizen also mocked TPG for its self-proclaiming as a digital service provider, but in fact, their “digital billing system is so horrendous”.

With much disgruntlement, some of the netizens complained the unresponsiveness of TPG in dealing their requests even though they have sent multiple times of email to TPG.

Without informing, one netizen even had her mobile plan migrated by TPG. However she said that she has not received any response from TPG when she wanted to ask for clarification.

On the other hand, a couple of netizens however had different encounters with others, where they did not encountered the issues what the others faced.

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