MALAYSIA— A Malaysian man recently made a public post on a Facebook group related to legal matters, seeking advice on how to strip his sister of her rights to their family home. His heartless intention has provoked strong criticism from the members of the group.

Posting an inquiry on the Malaysian Facebook Group, Law and Justice, he sought advice from fellow group members on how to legally remove his sister from their ancestral home.

In his post, he mentioned that he and his sister are currently living together in a house purchased by their mother nine years ago, with 85% of the loan paid by their mother.

Due to his plans to get married and start a family with his girlfriend, he believes that his sister should no longer live with him and has requested her to move out.

“I have a girlfriend now and considering the future of getting married and having children, I will have my own family. ”

“It is inappropriate and doesn’t look good for a man to live with his sister after starting his own family, ” the man added.

The man demanded that his sister voluntarily relinquish her right to inherit the house

He further stated that “women eventually get married and leave their homes”, said, “although I don’t know when she will start dating and get married, I can’t wait like this, right?”

“So, I told her to find a cheaper place outside and remove her name from the current shared property. But she refused and we ended up arguing multiple times. ”

“Are there any legal avenues or methods to remove someone else’s name from a property?”

His audacious remarks sparked criticism from internet users, with over 2,000 comments and thousands of angry reactions within just one hour. Due to the backlash, the post was deleted on Thursday (18th May) at 11 pm.

Lawyer: technically, the man only has a 15% stake in the house

The admin of the Facebook group, Wilson Kuek, an experienced lawyer of 18 years, took the initiative to share the post’s screenshot within the group. He reiterated the group’s rule that members should not delete their posts without the admin’s consent.

In the comment section, the lawyer expressed his opinion, stating that the man’s mother contributed 85% to the housing loan, while he only contributed 15%. Technically, the man only has a 15% stake in the house.

The lawyer added, “Unless your mother also agrees with the 85%, you don’t have the final say.”

The lawyer suggested that there is nothing inappropriate or unappealing about the man’s sister living with him. If their mother were to live with him, he would likely feel the same way, considering it inappropriate and unappealing.

“As someone who co-owns the property with only a 15% investment, does it look good? Is it appealing to evict his own mother and sister and occupy a property that doesn’t solely belong to him? ”

“If he wants it to look good and wants to remove her name, he should have the ability to buy out the other half of the property.”

“Let’s see if you can be a strong and good-looking man.”

Netizens commented that it should be the brother to look for a new house

Agreeing with the lawyer, a netizen commented, “If he is a man, he should be the one to move out. Why make it difficult for his sister? Having a brother like him is truly unfortunate.”

However, the lawyer believed that perhaps the man also had his own difficulties to contend with.

Another netizen expressed, “No matter the difficulties, it shouldn’t be like this! Why rush to harm each other for siblings from the same roots? This is a lesson in moral education we should have learned in elementary school!”

Netizens suggest brother should move out and purchase a house for himself

A netizen suggests, “If you want to start a family, why don’t you buy a house for yourself? Or is it your girlfriend who is asking you to evict your sister? The best solution would be to sell the house, divide the proceeds equally, and then you can buy another property for yourself.”

“You didn’t pay for the loan, so why do you have the right to evict your sister and remove her name? You have no sense of decency! What do you mean by saying that daughters need to get married? You are shameless. If houses outside are so cheap, why don’t you, as the older brother, buy one yourself and move out? I suggest your girlfriend to be discerning and reconsider marrying someone like you, or else she will suffer in the future!”

“Simplify it. If she refuses to remove her name, then you remove your own. Then, you and your girlfriend should leave. Don’t stay there to avoid arguments with your sister. You’re a man, have some dignity! Shout loudly to your sister: ‘If you won’t remove your name, I’ll remove mine!’ Be obedient, pack your things and place them at the doorstep. When your sister returns, intimidate her by saying that if she doesn’t remove her name, you’ll leave!”


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