Man claims his mother died a day after taking COVID-19 Pfizer jab; urges netizens with similar experience to contact him

A man who goes by the name Andrew Tan took to his Facebook on Wednesday (16 June) to allegedly claim that his mother passed away “suddenly” just 29 hours after taking her first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Mr Tan said that he is sharing about this solely to create awareness as well as to connect with those who have lost their loved one shortly after getting vaccinated.

Mr Tan, who is also the co-founder and CEO of Singapore’s first home-grown diaper brand called Pee-Ka-Poo, said that it all started on 4th June when his mother, Doreen Chan, suddenly collapsed in her house at about 7.15pm.

He said that his mother went for her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine a day earlier (3rd June) and felt fine, except for experiencing slight sore arm.

Mr Tan also noted that his mother was even talking to her husband at around 7pm before collapsing all of a sudden.

Mr Tan’s father then called 995 and was guided on the phone on how to do chest compressions before the paramedics arrived 15 minutes later. Mrs Chan was then rushed to the hospital by the medical team.

“Mum. I was just talking to you yesterday and today… Suddenly you’re gone?!?!?!!? And you died 29 hours after your first shot of the P****r vaccine!!! This was my first shock on 4th June 2021,” he said.

He added, “I can’t even begin to connect words to the messed up jumble of feelings I feeling now. My mum Doreen Chan passed away on 4th June and I miss her deeply. I’m shocked and frankly angered. Actually I don’t even remember how many times I’ve broken down since then, amidst trying to be strong for my family and still ‘taking care of things’”.

After the senior woman was brought to the hospital, Mr Tan noted that he rushed to the hospital and waited outside the resuscitation room before being told the devastating news that his mother passed on at 9pm.

“Subsequently, the police investigation officer started to ask about foul play and pre-existing conditions, saying that these case notes would determine if the coroner decides to have an autopsy.

“I then said to the officer, why isn’t the focus of the inquiry the P****r vaccine, which my mum had yesterday? Thankfully, I’m glad that the points I raised in the report led to the coroner doing the autopsy,” he said.

However, Mr Tan expressed that one of the questions that were running in his mind was whether the hospital will conclude that his mother’s cause of death is the vaccine.

When Mr Tan received his mother’s death certificate, it was written that her cause of death is “Ischaemic Heart Disease”, which basically means a heart attack.

But when Mr Tan asked to the hospital’s counter staff if the vaccine can cause a heart attack, he was told that this can only be answered by a pathologist.

“But I questioned again, is the heart attack caused by the P****r Vaccine? She answered, that can only be answered by the pathologist. I then asked, can I speak to the pathologist? She answered, you need to talk to your investigation officer to submit an inquiry to get the court to approve an inquiry.

“It looked like I wasn’t going to get my answer from the counter staff. I then called the investigation officer, he said he’ll submit the inquiry on my behalf but I need to be prepared to wait cos C*v*d related inquiries currently have a four months waiting line,” he wrote.

“Even though the anomaly was the vaccine, I knew I was not going to get my answer. I was already without sleep for 36 hours and I really needed to go settle funeral arrangements. Reluctantly, I left.”

Mr Tan also revealed that at his mother’s wake, his friend told him that even his uncle passed away shortly after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, raising his suspicion regarding the vaccine and if there’s a pattern involved.

He also noted that his father shared about this incident on the Government’s feedback unit (REACH) page, and a number of netizens also revealed that they know similar cases of death or permanent disability after receiving a shot of the vaccine.

“But here’s the thing I’m asking now. Is it possible that C*v*d vaccine related injuries or deaths are classified as something else right now?

“That’s why if you know of more of such cases of death or disability after the vaccine, can you please connect me with their families? I just wanna seek the truth and hope that in my efforts, I can help other affected parties seek their truths, together with me,” he said.

TOC understands from Mr Tan that interested parties can write to him via email at [email protected]

Mr Tan also asserted that he is not in any way advocating the public to not get vaccinated. He said that he has gotten both his doses of the Pfizer vaccine and had not experience any major side effects.

However, it is possible that his mother might “unfortunately” fall under the minority category who suffered from adverse effects of the vaccine.

“Unfortunately, there is a possibility that my mum could be the minority and if it’s true, I hope that the untold truths about the vaccine can come to light. For the safety of mankind.”

At the time of writing, Mr Tan’s post garnered over 2,900 shares.

TOC has also written to Ministry of Health to seek a response on Mr Tan’s story.

Update from Sengkang General Hospital:

“Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) is aware of a Facebook post dated 17th June that has been circulating on social media regarding the death of a 72 year old female patient. The patient was conveyed by SCDF to SKH around 2039 hours on June 4, after she collapsed at home. The SKH ED team commenced immediate resuscitation. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the patient passed on. As cause of death could not be ascertained, this case was referred to the Coroner for further investigation. The Coroner has established the cause of death as Ischaemic Heart Disease.

We have reached out to the family to convey more details of the findings and offer them assistance during this difficult period. We would also like to express our deepest condolences to the family.”

Under the comment section of his post, several netizens also expressed that either their loved one or someone that they know have died or suffered serious side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

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