WP’s Kenneth Foo, Nicole Seah speak about CPF Medisave with senior citizen in Bedok

WP’s Kenneth Foo, Nicole Seah speak about CPF Medisave with senior citizen in Bedok

The Workers’ Party (WP) members Kenneth Foo and Nicole Seah spoke to many residents from all parts of Singapore during their visit at Bedok North 216 Hawker and Market on Sunday morning (6 Dec).

According to Mr Foo in a Facebook post on Sunday, some of the residents were there for breakfast while a number of them had stayed there in the past.

He then shared a feedback his team received from a senior citizen during one of their table-to-table encounters. The feedback was about a recent experience at the hospital where the senior citizen had a colonoscopy.

“It was a regular check and although he have enough to pay the full bill using CPF Medisave, he had to pay the balance with cash due to the withdrawal limit set for such procedure,” Mr Foo explained.

The senior citizen told Mr Foo and Ms Seah – both of whom contested in East Coast GRC in GE2020 – that he hopes the Government will review the CPF Medisave cap for seniors as preventive screening will help to lower incidence of diseases, which will also lower the healthcare cost in the long run.

Mr Foo, who is also the Deputy Director of the Singapore Cancer Society, went on to say that the WP did call for the Government to review and widen to use of CPF Medisave for Singaporeans aged 60 and above in its manifesto.

He concluded his post saying that the WP will “continue to pursue policies review to benefit Singaporeans in the long-term”.

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