Pritam Singh leaves it to the public to draw conclusions on the ‘uncanny coincidence’ of a viral video involving former WP MPs and PAP’s announcement of an affair between two of its MPs

During a press conference on Wednesday (19 Jul), WP Secretary-General Pritam Singh refrained from speculating on the timing and coincidence of the video exposing two former party members’ affairs just prior to PAP’s announcement of the affair of Mr Tan Chuan Jin and Ms Cheng Li Hui.

However, he acknowledged that the question was on many people’s minds and left them to draw their conclusions about the ‘uncanny coincidence.’

Resignation letter from Leon Perera and Nicole Seah to the Workers’ Party

WP Secretary General Pritam Singh received resignations from Ms. Nicole Seah and Mr. Leon Perera. Additionally, Mr. Perera informed the Acting Speaker of his departure from Parliament.

In his letter, Mr Perera, former MP for Aljunied MP, expressed regret for not meeting the party’s standards.

Meanwhile, Ms. Seah acknowledged her actions as ‘selfish and reckless’, expressing deep remorse for her misconduct and disappointing voters and party members.

Leon Perera and Nicole Seah resign from Workers’ Party, Pritam Singh confirms affair between the two

Workers Party Secretary General Pritam Singh has announced that Mr Leon Perera and Ms Nicole Seah have resigned from the party at the press conference, following allegations of an affair between the two Central Executive Committee members.

Mr Singh shared that the two former party members have not been forthcoming with the affair when first confronted with the allegations.

When a video was first surfaced on Monday, Mr Singh confronted the two again and the two confessed to the affair which they claimed ended sometime ago.

The double-edged sword of personal indiscretions: How PAP set a new standard for Singapore’s politicians

The expulsion of Yaw Shin Leong by the Workers’ Party, followed by the People’s Action Party’s handling of Michael Palmer’s affair, have jointly established a stringent benchmark for personal conduct in Singapore’s political sphere—a standard which had not been enforced prior to the Yaw Shin Leong incident

Workers’ Party to hold press conference on Wednesday to address allegations involving Leon Perera and Nicole Seah

The Workers’ Party is scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow (19 Jul) to address allegations of improper relations between MP Leon Perera and party member Nicole Seah.

A video circulated on social media on the same day (17 Jul) as the announcement of Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui’s affair by PM Lee Hsien Loong, shows both individuals holding hands in what seems to be a restaurant. Some have suggested that the video was taken two years ago.

PAP-majority Parliament hijacks WP motion, holds back on reevaluating Singapore’s sporting ecosystem as a whole

The Parliament voted in favor of an amended motion put forth by Workers’ Party calling for the support Singapore’s athletes, but refrained from calling for a reassessment of sports management.

Amendments proposed by Mr Darryl David were passed with the support of People’s Action Party MPs who are majority in Parliament, despite dissent recorded from all the Workers’ Party MPs and the Progress Singapore Party’s Non-Constituency MPs present.