Petition calls for Prof Paul Tambyah to lead the COVID-19 Multi-Ministerial Task Force

Recently, a petition on has surfaced, appealing the chairman of Singapore Democratic Party Paul Tambyah to lead the Multi-Ministerial Task Force in handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore.

Created by Mimi Lee, she mentioned that she was “upset” to hear from the current Multi-Ministerial Task Force that there may be a second wave if Singaporeans are “not socially responsible enough”.

Though she acknowledged that the task force are “trying their very best” to combat COVID-19, she questioned why those in the higher-ups did not engage Singapore’s very own best medical expert – Prof Tambyah – to be part of the task force so as to improve the situation nationwide.

“The current task force are ‘trying their very best’ to do what they can. But there is this question keeps lingering around me, that is, why our top leaders have yet to engage our very own best medical expert to lead the Covid-19 task force medical team to further improve our country’s situation?”

Noting that it would be for the “greater good”, Ms Lee created this petition in hopes to engage Prof Tambyah to take charge or be the lead consultant for the COVID-19 task force.

She also pointed out that Prof Tambyah is an infectious disease expert, as well as the first Singaporean to be elected as President of the US-based International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID).

Ms Lee went on to emphasise that the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore is a national issue, and not a political issue.

She further described that Singaporeans “could not afford another circuit breaker”, because many more would lose their jobs and more businesses would have to shut down.

Worrying that the outbreak will impact family and friends, Ms Lee expressed her sympathy for the frontline workers, noting that they “must be mentally and physically tired”.

“Most importantly, we hope not to see our family, relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, anyone around us or even ourselves to be infected with this disease. It’s really worrying! Also, it pains us to see the frontliners work tirelessly round the clock. They are human too. They must be mentally & physically tired. Feel so sorry for them.”

After describing the adverse effect of having the second wave of the pandemic, Ms Lee urged Singaporeans to sign the petition in support to appoint Prof Tambyah to help Singapore handle and improve the COVID-19 situation.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered over 3,600 signatures.

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