Real-time temperature monitoring wearable launches in Australia to help minimise spread of COVID-19

Real-time temperature monitoring wearable launches in Australia to help minimise spread of COVID-19

PouchNATION, a leading Singapore-born crowd management and behavioral analytics technologies platform, announced on Thursday (8 Oct) an exclusive distribution agreement with HyperKu, a Singapore-based start-up that provides funding to growing enterprise platform businesses, to launch their latest product, PouchPASS, across the Australian market.

The new wearable device, which aims to help workplaces cope with and monitor workforce health and safety, was created to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Innovative wristband PouchPASS uses multiple sensors and a sophisticated algorithm to record temperature on a continuous basis within an accuracy of 0.1 degree celsius. The bands are readily available through the company’s website.

“We are delighted to be launching PouchPASS into the Australian market as the country works hard to manage its latest outbreak in Victoria. As increasing numbers of people return to work and schools across the world, our real-time temperature monitoring technology is proving highly valuable in curbing the spread of COVID-19,” said Ilya Kravtsov, CEO of PouchPASS,

“While we have to learn to live with the virus, the most impactful way of doing so is by monitoring its development through helping people manage possible symptoms before it advances. I am pleased to see the effectiveness of PouchPASS wearables and hope we help cities like Melbourne avoid complete lockdown as they attempt to battle each outbreak. We hope to roll out PouchPASS wearables worldwide to help countries cope with the onset of second and in some cases, third waves,” he added.

As Australia brings its latest coronavirus outbreak under control, continuous temperature monitoring is proving much more crucial than one-time temperature guns.

Industry bodies have been tasked to produce achievable COVID-19 safe plans for returns to business, and are working with PouchPASS to conduct in-market trials with major sports, including AFL Umpires and Supercars Motor Racing, live events and festivals, leading education providers, prominent hotel groups, medical facilities, and construction companies.

COVID-19 cluster in New South Wales threatens to slow easing

Earlier today, Australia’s most populous state reported its biggest one-day rise in COVID-19 infections in more than a month, threatening to slow the easing of restrictions.

New South Wales (NSW) recorded 12 new cases over the past 24 hours, the biggest one-day jump since 2 September – when 17 infections were recorded.

According to Reuters, the new cases threaten to delay the reopening of the border between NSW and Queensland state, a restriction the federal government wants removed immediately to help revive the country’s ailing economy.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said last week that the border with NSW would be reopened on 1 November, but only if that state went 28 days without any cases that authorities could not trace the source of.

Overall, Australia has reported more than 27,000 coronavirus infections and about 900 deaths.

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