Many S’poreans feel abandoned due to Govt’s generosity and love for foreigners, says PV chief Lim Tean

Today’s Facebook Live broadcast by the Peoples Voice (PV) featured a pre-recorded constituency message for residents at Jalan Besar GRC by none other than Lim Tean, the party’s chief himself.

Mr Lim was required to drop by Mediacorp studio to record the aforementioned message this afternoon, but he felt the need to record one on his own to be played during today’s live session on Facebook.

In his message, he told the people of Jalan Besar that it is “time for a change”, and it is “time to put people first”.

Starting off with his manifesto, Mr Lim invited Singaporeans to recall the time when there were “many jobs available” in Singapore and when people felt secure in their careers and professions. He also noted how graduates back then were hopeful with the abundant job opportunities, and that people were “looking forward” to retirement.

According to him, all these were possible because people were able to access their Central Provident Fund (CPF) at the age of 55.

Mr Lim asserted that many Singaporeans “feel abandoned” due to the Government’s “generosity of spirit and love for foreigners”.

“Today, many Singaporeans feel abandoned by this Government who had shown a generosity of spirit and love for foreigners which they do not bestow on their own citizens. It is like a father who welcomes an alien child into the family and showers him with love and affection while neglecting his own child. That father is a bad father.”

He expressed that the “huge influx” of foreigners have taken away many job opportunities from local Singaporeans.

On behalf of PV, Mr Lim explained that his party stands for more national discussions, referendums, and blockchain local voting.

The lawyer describes that there are two aspects to becoming a “great Member of Parliament (MP)”, such as the local level and the national level.

At the local level, he believes that an MP should work with and listen to his constituents, adding that the MP should also be able to relay the people’s concerns and voices to the Parliament.

Moving on, Mr Lim exclaimed that he had to discuss the “singular greatest issue” which is the COVID-19 crisis.

He suggested that if this coronavirus was a bioweapon, Singapore would not be able to “stand a chance” due to the Government’s “lack of care” and “complacency”. He slammed the People’s Action Party (PAP) for having any concerns on “protecting the vulnerable in our society”.

The party chief went on to criticise the Government for having spent billions of dollars annually on the nation’s defence, yet did not “contemplate the reallocation” of some of that budget towards healthcare and pre-school.

Referring to the u-turns on COVID-19 in Singapore, Mr Lim further claimed that the 4G leadership lacks the ability to make the right judgment calls. He believes that the “hallmark” of a great leader is that they would be able to make the right judgments even without full facts.

Naming PAP’s Josephine Teo, his opponent at Jalan Besar GRC, the PV chief stressed that she was “largely responsible” for the explosion of COVID-19 in migrant workers’ dormitories.

Lastly, Mr Lim reminded the people of Jalan Besar about the huge difference in salaries between the Prime Minister and a local cleaner, raising the issue of inequality that occurs in Singapore. He also urged the people at Jalan Besar to vote for his party as he pledged to meet and attend their needs.

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