Panic buyer at FairPrice tells MP Amrin Amin “None of your business” when he questions the purchase of crates of eggs

Fellow Member of Parliament (MP) Amrin Amin shared on Facebook on Tuesday (17 March) about the experience he had at a FairPrice outlet in Woodlands when he asked a panic buyer on the purchase of crates of eggs, and the buyer simply responded to him, “None of your business”.

Malaysia’s movement restriction order which took effect on 18 March has inevitably induced panic buying to some Singaporeans, despite Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing’s assurance on 16 March that Singapore is not in danger of running out of food and other supplies brought in by retailers.

Mr Chan noted that essential supplies have been stocked up over the past two months and the government has stepped up precautionary measures to ensure sufficient essential supplies and food stock for the people.

He also urged everyone to make purchases in a responsible manner and to purchase only what they need else no amount of stockpiling will be sufficient.

Besides, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his Facebook post on 17 March assured that the flow of cargo and goods, including food supplies between Singapore and Malaysia, will resume.

NTUC FairPrice also announced on 17 March that a purchase limit for several essential items will be put in place across its stores as a measure to prevent reselling from customers and to ensure a sufficient supply of daily essential items for every customer.

“While we recognise there may be concerns regarding the latest movement restriction order from Malaysia, we want to assure all customers that we have sufficient stocks,” NTUC FairPrice stated.

Meanwhile, Mr Amrin shared on Facebook on 17 March about the experience he had at Woodlands 888 Plaza NTUC on Monday (16 March) at midnight.

Mr Amrin said that he saw a family was buying crates of eggs and other necessities in the store, which prompted him to approach them and ask why. One of them simply responded to him, “None of your business”.

Following that, he stated in his Facebook post that panic buying is everyone’s business because as people see fewer products on store shelves, they will be more likely to want stock up.

“When we rush, we whip up a frenzy, stocks run out, more people panic,” he noted. “So it is our business. It affects all of us as the crazy cycle feeds itself.”

Netizens shared their experience when they encounter panic buyers emptying store shelves

Mr Amrin’s post has gained a lot of attention from local netizens, with many of them commented that they had the same experience as his. Some netizens shared about their experience when they encounter panic buyers emptying or having emptied shelves.

Some netizens commented on how selfish it is to hoard essential supplies.

While others are grateful that panic buying does not happen in some stores.

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