The Causeway from above, 2017. (Image by PM Lee Hsien Loong / Facebook)

After the announcement of Movement Control Order in Malaysia, many were concerned about the goods and supplies in Singapore, as well as the Malaysian workers who commute to Singapore daily.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted a Facebook post today (17 March) to address this particular matter. Mr Lee mentioned that he had a phone call with Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, today assuring that the flow of cargo and goods (including food supplies) between Singapore and Malaysia will resume.

He wrote, “I told him that I understood the reasons why he had made this move, and wished Malaysia success in containing the outbreak. I was happy to hear his reassurance that the flow of goods and cargo between Singapore and Malaysia, including food supplies, would continue.”

Mr Lee went on to say that Malaysians who live in Johor but go to work in Singapore will be required to follow the Movement Control Order and refrain from travelling outside of the country, including Singapore.

Although this may sound worrying to the workers, Mr Lee reassured that the government is working on arrangements with Singaporean companies to help these Malaysian workers stay in Singapore temporarily. This particular arrangement will only be carried out if the Malaysian workers are willing to do so.

As a response to the Movement Control Order which affects the traffic between Singapore and Malaysia, Mr Lee also said that both governments already appointed Senior Ministers on both sides—SM Teo Chee Hean and Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri—to coordinate responses to the COVID-19 outbreak, “particularly on measures where we can work together, or where the actions of one country will affect the other”.

“They are already in touch, but it may take a couple of days for arrangements to be worked out and to settle down,” he added.

Additionally, Mr Lee said glad to see that there is no sign of hoarding despite long queues in supermarkets. He mentioned that people are purchasing only the items they need and that Singaporeans are calm, united and resilient as the government is working towards solving the problems.

To finish off his statement, Mr Lee said that there is no need to worry as the government has plans in place to cope for such an eventuality.

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25个本地网络媒体、群组和公民组织,包括本社、情义之家、第八功能、MARUAH、CARE等发表联署声明,呼吁新加坡社会应容许“真诚分歧”,并检讨现有限制言论自由的法律规章。 声明表示,公民群体高度关注本地社运分子范国瀚面对的多项控状。2017年,范国瀚被指涉非法集会、破坏公物,且拒绝签署警方口供而被提控。当时本地有六家非政府组织发文声援、6533人联署,并呼吁捍卫言论自由。 此后,多个东南亚和国际组织,都呼吁我国政府撤销掉对范国瀚的诉讼,包括:欧盟国家的一些议员、马国52家公民社会组织、联合国人权委会、人权观察组织、国际特赦组织、CIVICUS、国际法律家委员会、言论自由维权组织“ARTICLE 19”、东盟国会议员支持人权组织(APHR)和亚洲论坛等。 来自各地的声援声浪,再再说明对范的起诉,已经违反了社会共同的愿景,即不论本土公民、非公民居民和海外盟友,都拥有集会、串联、和平抗议、言论和书写的自由,以及能公开辩论棘手课题。 “如果言论自由仅限于芳林花园,那就不是真正的自由。” 即便面对要求撤销范国瀚诉状的舆论和呼声,但是后者还是面对判决。此外,他还因为声援被控被控刑事诽谤的《网络公民》总编许渊臣,在法庭前举起一张A4纸拍照,也因此被警方援引《公共秩序法》调查。 声明指出,对范的控状,如同对公共自由的严重钳制,使得民间追求变革和为不公发声的能力被打压。 “即便政府不认同、不愿接受,我们仍有表达真相的自由,并且为共同关注的课题坦诚交流和行动。” 应容许“真诚的分歧” 诚如非选区议员特斯拉所言,健全的社会必须容许“真诚的分歧”。但是假借公共秩序、防止外国干预或藐视法庭之名,实则打压言论自由的法律规章,都应该严谨检讨。 声明称,过去范国瀚把心血都花在本土各项人权和社会议题,他所表达的关注,其实和所有国人息息相关,而对范的诉讼对国人来说不是好现象。声援范国瀚,也正是共同捍卫国人得以免于恐惧和自由的生活。…