Two Indonesian family members with symptoms come to S’pore and admit themselves at SGH; both tested positive for Covid-19

It was reported yesterday that there were 12 new cases of COVID-19 with 8 imported from outside of Singapore (‘Twelve new cases of Covid-19; Eight imported cases from various countries‘, 11 Mar).

Among the 8 imported cases from outside of Singapore was Case 170, a 56-year-old Indonesian woman.

She reported onset of symptoms in Indonesia last Friday (6 Mar). On Monday (9 Mar), she came to Singapore and immediately presented herself at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

The next day (10 Mar), she was confirmed to be infected with the COVID-19 virus after running through tests. She is currently warded in an isolation room at SGH.

It was further reported that she is linked to Case 152, another Indonesian who came to Singapore two days before the woman. Case 152 is a 65 year-old Indonesian man. Both Indonesians are members of the same family.

The man reported onset of symptoms in Indonesia on 28 Feb two weeks ago. He at first went to a hospital in Jakarta to seek treatment.

Last Sat (7 Mar), he came to Singapore and presented himself at SGH. Subsequent test results confirmed COVID-19 infection the next day on 8 Mar, one day before the woman came here. The man was warded in SGH.

It is surmised that once the man was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, the woman decided that she too must have been infected and that she would seek treatment in Singapore immediately.

It’s not known how the 2 Indonesians managed to pass through the health monitoring stations when they arrived in Singapore since both were reported to already have onset of symptoms.

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