Huawei sweetens the weekend for its customers with free bubble tea and phone servicing

Customers were all smiles over the weekend as Huawei threw an island-wide drink giveaway with homegrown tea joint, Partea. The company also provided complimentary phone servicing for all users during its monthly Service Day – held every first Saturday and Sunday of the month.

Last Wednesday (3 July), Huawei announced that it was giving away free cups of premium tea from Partea as a token of appreciation for its customers’ unwavering support.

Recognising Singaporeans’ love for bubble tea, Huawei is offering this exclusive promotion with Partea for another weekend, from 12 July – 14 July 2019.

What’s more, to accommodate all Huawei users in Singapore to enjoy this offer after a resounding turnout during the first weekend, the two companies have agreed to serve as many cups as possible within the time frame of 11am – 2pm.

Customers in line holding their Huawei phone up while waiting to redeem their free drink
Customers who show their Huawei phone over the counter will be able to enjoy any drink of their choice from the Partea menu
Mr Kai Loon and his co-worker Mr Tian

The move by Huawei and Partea had customers smiling from ear to ear, including Mr Kai Loon and his co-worker Mr Tian who are both Huawei users for more than a year.

“There’s excitement among everyone. It’s not often that you get such a freebie from a big company to a customer and it is good move to make customers feel appreciated,” said Mr Kai Loon.

Ms Chua Mei Yee and her friend Siti

Waiting in line was Ms Chua Mei Yee, who not only expressed her delight at the promotion, but also said that she is proud to be using a Huawei phone due to its camera performance.

“I’m really happy with this offer by Huawei and Partea. It makes me feel valued as a customer and I hope that  Huawei will continue this trend. I’ve been using my P20 Pro for some time now and because of the photo quality, I’ve become the designated photographer amongst my friends,” noted Ms Chua.

Customers gathered at the Huawei Service Centre at [email protected] to receive free phone servicing

In the same weekend, Huawei held its fourth customer Service Day which saw customers patiently queuing outside its service centres; [email protected] and Westgate for a complimentary screen protector and phone sanitizing service.

Customers with a Huawei phone can look forward to the next Service Day on 3 August – 4 August 2019.