Howard Lee

Corporate communications professional turned journalist, Howard specialises in media analysis. The job and family currently leaves no time for his other passion - SCUBA diving - but he loves the greens and blues none the less.

Will the PAP post-GE2015 be more ready to engage?

By Howard Lee Now that the People’s Action Party has achieved its “landslide” victory at the 2015 general elections, we can see that it is losing no time in consolidating its support to garner support for the coming government. And it is not just for the next five years or so, but with a clear intention to project its power …

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How did an expected watershed election turn into an unexpected landslide victory?

By Cassandra Chia Lying on my sofa watching Channel 5, I could hear the commentators sharing their views on the possible voting trends, and opposition parties responding to media queries on their thoughts of the sample voting results. One candidate likened our governing system to that of North Korea and China, and “suan” Singaporeans that we should not “complain” since …

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GE2015 results – reviewing our democracy in the carrot-and-stick vote

By Howard Lee It would take a very hard heart not to admit that the results of GE2015 point to something that is very different in Singapore. The real question is, what specifically? This question should keep Singaporeans up for many more nights, even years, to come. Personally, nothing disappointed me more than the results for Lina Chiam in Potong …

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GE2015 – Parties in review

By Ghui One could be forgiven for thinking that Singapore’s political landscape changed overnight. In four years, the opposition parties have gained traction in an unprecedented way. New political parties have been formed. Fresh candidates have risen to the fore. Tactical alliances, campaigning and voting have entered the Singaporean political consciousness. From a PAP-dominated political scene which no one really …

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Condition, conditioning, conditioned – the vicious cycle

By Reperio Simon Cherian George’s blog, aptly named “Air-conditioned Nation” gives us a hint of exactly what governance in Singapore is all about. We truly are an air-conditioned nation, in a bubble of our own. The political, economic and social conditions in Singapore are dictated by the government. None of us really have any say in this. They alone decide …

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My vote – for a future leader, or future lead?

By Howard Lee This Friday, I will bear the awesome responsibility of deciding on my vote for a future leader of Singapore. And I dare say this is more so than the responsibility that any other Singaporean has to bear. I live in Punggol 21 (Plus, A-Plus, Minus, take your pick) and the candidate from the People’s Action Party is …

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Lee Hsien Loong’s two challenges to voters and the opposition

By Reperio Simon Watching Lee Hsien Loong at his lunch time rally on 8 September, I deduced that he has issued two challenges. The first challenge was to voters, the second was to the opposition parties. His challenge to the opposition parties: “Don’t go into Parliament to check us. If you want, dare to govern, or else don’t bother“. On all counts, …

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In search of election issues, and the arrogance of the PAP

By Howard Lee When you attend a forum discussion that is titled “GE2015: The Big Issues” featuring election candidates, you might reasonably expect it to see some talk on what they feel are the current issues that plague Singaporeans, that will in turn have a deciding factor on how they vote. I mean, any Singaporean would know what specific issues …

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The insidious measurement of affordability

By GS In the PAP rally at Woodlands on 7 September, as part of the campaign for GE2015, Mr Khaw Boon Wan talked at length about housing and the various steps the PAP government has taken to address the many difficulties faced by Singaporeans in owning a flat. In terms of affordability, he was very pleased to reiterate that HDB …

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