ST publishes elderly’s letter criticising oppositions and saying Govt has served Singaporeans well

ST Forum published a letter today (5 Sep) from a member of the public, Constance Jacob, saying that the government has served Singaporeans well.

A pioneer citizen herself, Ms Jacob said, “Many of us are truly thankful for the careful and wise planning by the Government.”

She went on to denounce the “dissenters” who cannot see the “good” the government has done for Singapore.

“The Prime Minister and his team have a genuine desire to do their best for the people of Singapore, even though there are dissenters who cannot see the good they have done,” she said.

However she did admit that the government has made mistakes but was quick to defend the government saying that it is willing to “acknowledge these mistakes” and “take steps to rectify them”.

She then questioned the motives of some of the members of opposition parties.

“The opposition parties are starting to prepare for the next general election. Some are being formed not for the love of Singapore but for personal gain, revenge or fame. Can they carry on the legacy of the late pioneers who built this nation and made it what it is today?” she asked.

“As a pioneer citizen myself and having lived through World War II, and having been under other governments, I believe the current government is the best one. I may not live to see it continue to run the country, but I hope my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will enjoy good governance for a long time to come.”

Coincidentally, Ms Jacob’s ST Forum letter came one day after the government announced yesterday (4 Sep) that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has convened the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee, signalling that the next General Election will come soon after.

Survey: More Singaporeans unhappy with government

Meanwhile, online, netizens seem to think otherwise with many expressing their unhappiness with the government over a wide range of issues, from “foreign talent” to cost of living issues.

In fact, in a survey conducted by two National University of Singapore academics last year, they found that Singaporeans felt that they have a decreased sense of achievement, less democratic rights and are less satisfied with their overall quality of life when compared to previous years.

Interviewing 1,503 Singaporeans aged 15 and above, the two NUS Associate Professors found that there was marked unhappiness over the current wage levels and the cost of living.

Out of 25 aspects about living in Singapore, those surveyed were most unhappy with issues like the affordability of cars, affordability of properties, cost of living, ratio of locals to foreigners, affordability of healthcare and others. The respondents were also least satisfied with their household income, jobs and the standard of living.

When asked what could be improved, the respondents wanted the government to step up in five main areas:

  1. Addressing the needs of the aging population
  2. Followed by moderating rising prices
  3. Helping the marginalized in society
  4. Improving the public transport system
  5. Providing more resources for healthcare needs.

In the case of Ms Jacob, perhaps she has less concerns with these issues compared to others?


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