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Scoot to operate from Terminal 1 at Changi Airport from 22 October

Low-cost carrier Scoot will be operating from Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 instead of Terminal 2 starting from 22 October this year.

The move seeks to facilitate the airline’s growth in the coming years, said Scoot in a joint press release with Changi Airport Group on Thursday (18 July).

“Since April 2019, Scoot has launched eight new destinations in China, India, Laos, and Malaysia, as part of expansion plans for the future, and is on track to launch nine more new routes by end of 2020,” the press release stated.

With this growth expected to continue, Scoot noted that customer experience will “play an even bigger role”, so much so that passengers’ check-in experience has been highlighted as one of the top three areas which the airline wished to improve.

Hence, over the last five years, Changi Airport has undertaken upgrading works to expand the passenger handling capacity in Terminal 1, with the departure hall now featuring automated check-in kiosks and bag-drop machines.

Meanwhile, the arrival level is integrated with Level 1 of Jewel Changi Airport along with the expansion of its Meeters and Greeters Hall.

Two baggage claim belts have also been added, while two of the eight original belts have been lengthened to cater more arriving passengers.

“Over the years, our network coverage has grown rapidly. Every touchpoint of our customers’ travel journey matters to us, and we strive to provide our growing customer base with enhanced efficiency from the moment they arrive at the airport,” said Mr Lee Lik Hsin, CEO of Scoot.

“With the move, we hope to encourage more customers to use the expanded self service facilities, to enjoy a quicker and more seamless check in process,” he added.

Mr Jayson Goh, Managing Director of Airport Operations Management at Changi Airport Group (CAG), said, “CAG works closely with our airline partners to ensure that they have sufficient space to grow at Changi, and that their passengers are well served. Hence we regularly conduct reviews on the allocation of airlines across our four terminals, to ensure that the space is aligned with their growth plans.”

Terminal information on Scoot flights departing and arriving on 22 October will be available on Changi Airport’s website and the iChangi app.

All Scoot customers will be progressively updated on the move by the end of July onwards.